Lesson 2: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Lesson Plan Part 1: Warm Up & Review

Review all the commands and the song from the previous Genki Disco Warm Up Lesson.


Lesson Plan Part 2: Input / new language & song

The main focus of today’s lesson is teaching the rule that “Losing means try again!”
So we use the Words section of the Teacher’s SetΒ to introduce the new language with gestures.

Play theΒ Teacher’s SetΒ mini lesson and finally the animated song with lots of gestures!

Here is the song in action, Β Youtube has the subtitles if you’re on a laptop, and note how much emphasis is placed on teaching “Losing just means Try again!”

Lesson Plan Part 3:Β Output with the class game

We’re going to use this activity in lots of games for the future e.g. Gokiburi Game,Β Leapfrog Game

For now the we do a championship in the class

1. Everyone gets in pairs and does rock, paper, scissors.

2. The winner finds another winner and plays again.

3. Repeat from step 2 to see who is the ultimate champion.

Then of course we all try again!


If you have flipped your classroom with the digital Genki homeworkΒ then set the next lesson “What’s your name?” as the homework for next week.

Or if your students have Tik Tok you can tell them to check out next week’s lesson, “What’s your name?”, Β hereΒ and review today’s lesson here:



Song Lyrics

Rock, Paper, Scissors!
by Richard Graham

Rock, paper, scissors.
(Rock, paper, scissors)
1,2 3, (1,2,3)
Rock, paper, scissors.
(Rock, paper, scissors)
1,2 3, (1,2,3)

Are you ready? (Yeah)
Are you ready? (Yeah)
Are you ready? (Yeah)
Are you ready? (Yeah)

Repeat Chorus


When you say “rock”, make your hand into a fist…

…hold it out flat for “paper” and …

…use two fingers to form “scissors”. ..

On the final “3”, everyone puts out their favourite. Scissors cut paper, paper covers rock and rock blunts scissors.

Bonus VIP Printables

If you have theΒ Teacher’s SetΒ you can also download these extra printables

A4 Flashcards
(What’s this?)
Mini Cards
(What’s this?)
Rock Paper Scissors
Evaluation Workbook
(what’s this?)
Lesson Plan
(What’s this?)



Japanese Lesson Plan

Islands Game
(What’s this?)


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