Lesson 3: What’s your name?

Lesson Plan Part 1: Warm Up & Review

Review all the English from the Genki Disco Warm Up Lesson & rock, paper, scissors plus the song from the Rock, Paper, Scissors lesson


Lesson Plan Part 2: Input with new language & song

Today we start subconsciously learning grammar. However the main focus is eye contact and body language with strong handshakes (virtually if you are socially distancing!)
So we use the Words section of the Teacher’s Set to introduce the new language.

Play the mini lesson and finally the animated song from the Teacher’s Set with lots of gestures.

Everyone sings the “What’s your name?” part in pairs.

One person in each pair says “My name is …+ their own name” two times.

The other person says it two times.

They both say “Nice to meet you!” whilst shaking hands and making eye contact.

They split up with their partner, find a new partner and repeat 4 times!

Check out Val’s students in Argentina:


Lesson Plan Part 3: Output with the Stopwatch Game

This is one of my favourite games for all age groups, either kids, teens or adults.   Today we’re going to use it to practice today’s language, i.e. What’s your name?   However you can of course use it for any future lessons as well!

⚡️Online Teaching Tip:  If you’re on zoom or other video conferencing app, the kids might not be in the same order that you see onscreen!  

1. Put the students in circles.  (This works for all age groups)

2. The first child in each group asks the person next to them “What’s your name?”
3. This person answers and asks the person next to them.
4. When it goes all around the circle they all shoot their hands in the air, stand up and say “Yeah!”
5. The fastest team is the winner!

And of course remember Genki English rule number 2: Losing just means “Try again!”



If you have flipped your classroom with the digital Genki homework then set the next lesson “How are you?” as the homework for next week.

Or if your students have Tik Tok you can tell them to check out next week’s lesson, “How are you?”,  here and review today’s lesson here:


What’s your name?
by Richard Graham

What’s your name?
What’s your name?
What’s your name?
(clap, clap)

What’s your name?
What’s your name?
What’s your name?
(clap, clap)

My name is ….
My name is ….
My name is …
My name is …

Nice to meet you

(Repeat four times!)




Bonus VIP Printables

If you have the Teacher’s Set you can also download these extra printables

A4 Flashcards
(What’s this?)
Mini Cards
(What’s this?)
Evaluation Workbook
(what’s this?)
Lesson Plan
(what’s this?)



B/W Worksheet

Listening Quiz

10 Responses to “Lesson 3: What’s your name?”

  1. azusa

    Stopwatch game is very useful and exiting . I can adjust to almost all the students of different levels. You are amazing at making attractive class room plan. I want to know more about how to get attention and calm down very active students.

  2. Katrina

    You also speak Japanese! Amazing! Great lessons and great atmosphere! Thank you 🙂

  3. Yamile

    Hi Mr. Genki! ^^ it’s so nice to be here. I really like all your videos, they’re incredible! And the way you get their attention, they feel amazed and so do I!
    I’d like to know where or how I can find your songs :’v since I’m going to teach while studying this beautiful language but I don’t know where to start xD
    I wish you could help me! ^^
    Have a great day 😀

  4. Selina

    It was a great icebreaker among the children. The children enjoyed it.
    Amazing response and participation from the children.

    Thank You.

  5. viera

    I love these lessons because they teach and make children happy at the same time 🙂 thanks

  6. Wendy

    Oh my goodness, in the video from Val, I love that the kids hug when saying “Nice to meet you!”

  7. Rosanne

    I really admire your energy and “simpatia” (Italian) 😁
    You have such great ideas and tips! I can also tell that you love your job and what is really nice is that you want to see others become successful too!


  8. Gaynor Morgan

    I love the support I get from Richard and all the Genki teachers. It’s like a family. Probably the only teaching community I’ve seen where there is no jealousy between teachers just genuine caring and helpfulness.
    This program is so easy to follow and the teachers kit is all done for you. Just run with it and teach. It’s that easy. The kids love the dynamic of these lessons. Positive and upbeat also brings the most shy to open up and have fun.

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