New Game: Hidden Gems / Hidden Monsters

Here’s a great game sent in by Libu in Reunion.

1. Before class hide today’s flashcards aroundΒ the classroom.

2. One you’ve gone through today’s song, the kids ask you today’s question e.g. What can you see?, What’s sports do you play?, What’s your favourite subject? etc.

3. Say “Sorry?” a few times to make sure all the kids – not just the regular genki ones – are shouting the question really loud.

4. After a dramatic ……….. pause …………. say one of the answers.

5. The kids have to rush around the room finding this flashcard!

6. One point to the person who finds the card and can say the English for it.

7. Keep going till all the cards are gone.

Simple, crazy and fun. Β  What do you think? Β We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Be genki,


P.S. Β You can also do this with yes/no themes e.g. Do you like? with vegetables or Put on your … with Winter Clothes In this case you choose one student who asks you one question or sentence. Β If you answer “no” it’s on to the next student, if you say “yes” then everyone has to rush and find that card!

P.P.S. Β If you need an extra discipline touch, get the kids to sit down on the floor when the question is being asked. Β  They can only stand up once you give an answer. Β Adding in pauses …. with smiles …. Β really lets you keep control of the class. Β  Of course if you’re into all out craziness then no worries, just let them stand up the whole time!

Richard Graham

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3 Responses to “New Game: Hidden Gems / Hidden Monsters”

  1. Deena

    Fun, simple & effective. Definitely a “like”.

  2. Caroline Kido

    I have a game for “do you have any pets”? which i am working on now for today`s lesson. Have the students sit on the floor, give each student 3-4 random cards. Teacher asks several times “do you have a (animal name)? if they have the animal, they reply “yes” if not “no”, BUT whenever i ask “do you have a dinosaur”? the students must race to stand up the quickest, whoever stands up the fastest gets a point. Sounds very simple and easy and it is, but my kids love this! they have to concentrate on listening and checking their cards too. My kids are 2 and 3rd grade.

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