Help Please: Which Picture Books do you want me to add first?

Margit and Trevor prompted me into looking at which of the Genki English picture books I haven’t put in the software yet.

Out of the NOT YET ones below, which 1 or 2 would you like me to focus on first? Β  ( It takes time to do so I can’t do them all at once!)

Let me know in the commentsΒ and your favourite might be done first!

Picture Book Weather


Favourite foodΒ  In the “Do you like food?” software

I love vegetablesΒ Done!

Baby Monkey Family

Build a house
Picture Book Days of the Week
Days of the Week
Β Β probably can’t do this one as the picture files are too big for the software!

Baby Monkey on Tour
Β Β probably can’t do this one either as the picture files are too big for the software!

How are you?

What sports do you play?
Β Done!

How old are you?
Β  This one only works in Japanese so I won’t be putting in the software! πŸ™‚


Happy Halloween

Winter Clothes

Easter Egg Hunt
Β Done!

Soccer / Can you …?
Β Done!

Β Done! 

Brothers & Sisters
Β Done! 
Where are the Christmas presents?
Christmas presents?
Β Not yet 

gingerbreadmanbookcoverGingerbread Man – Done!


Wow, that’s 20 picture books included with the Teacher’s Set!

But also quite a lot of work yet to do Β – so do let me know which 1 or 2 of the NOT YET ones you’d like me to work on first, Β do let me know in the comments!

Be genki,


UPDATE: Β Just remembered … the “Don’t forget your …?” picture book which is in vol. 11′s Β Summer Clothes software (Oh, the irony!) Β and vol. 13‘s Β “What did you do?” Β picture book. Β Both of these are already done, so no need to vote for them! πŸ™‚


And the

Richard Graham

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7 Responses to “Help Please: Which Picture Books do you want me to add first?”

  1. Richard

    Blimey, even before this post went live the biggest request has been for the Weather Picture Book. (Guess you can’t beat those cloud animals!) So here you go….

    1. Safely back up your Download Pack / USB ( because you know *something* will go wrong somewhere!)

    2. Right click and select save as on this link.

    3. Copy the file into your Download Pack / USB folder (overwriting the previous version)

    Enjoy and do let me know which ones you want next, they might not be quite this quick though, we’re off to the Bruno Mars gig tonight! πŸ™‚

  2. Gudrun

    in my opinion, one of the most important ones is How are you?
    I would then go for How old are you? Or How did you get here?
    Thank you!

  3. Drew Smith

    Richard, Weather was my first pick – so thank you for the update. Second to that would be How are you? , How old are you? and before Easter – the Easter Book! Thanks so much. Looking forward to the workshop in Fukuoka.

  4. Zephrine

    I would go for the weather one. A favorite with the kids. Followed by How Are You? because it’s such a popular theme.

  5. Evaggelia Charalambous

    the Baby Monkey Family and Happy Halloween!!
    love them all though πŸ™‚

  6. Ania

    My choice is “How are you” book. It would be very useful for the children I teach.

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