Genki English in Italy 2017!


I’m going to be back in Italy for an awesome 2 Day Weekend Masterclass!

Date / Time:  Saturday July 1st & Sunday July 2nd 2017 ( 9:30 AM Registration, 10AM Start, 5PM Finish on Saturday, 4PM on Sunday)

Location:  Eden Park Hotel, Via Piave 2,  60018 Marina di Montemarciano (AN) Località Forcella

Price:  Pre Reservations

No. of People

*excluding accommodation/meals etc.

Content:   Lots and lots of awesome genkiness.   🙂   Everything is tailored to your exact needs and usually that means we end up covering topics like these:

  • “Secret” Warm Ups to get your kids energised AND remembering all the English.
  • Needs Analysis and solutions for – just about! – all your teaching problems.
  • The latest Games, Songs & Lesson Plans from around the world
  • Ideal class size?  How long should a lesson be?  How to teach different abilities in the same class? All the extras, bonuses and Q&A
  • Genki Phonics, the quickest, and easiest, way to teach reading & writing. When and how to teach it.
  • Advanced activities, classroom management & discipline techniques – get your class under YOUR control.
  • Genki Business:  How to be the best English school in town.
  • Extras, bonuses and Q&A

P.S.  If you’re traveling from overseas and don’t want the hassle of organizing the travel yourself, or just want to tag on a few days vacation to take in all the amazing new skills and knowledge you are going to get,  the local travel agency here could help!


13 Responses to “Genki English in Italy 2017!”

  1. Jenny

    Great, great, great!!! Can’t wait!!!!!

  2. Margarida Mendes

    Be Genki, Be Amazing!
    Just about to book my place at your workshop in Italy!
    Looking forward to learning so much with Genki Richard!

  3. Galina Cholakova

    Hi Richard, I paid for the Masterclass in Italy. Is this the only thing I have to do to book a place or I have to register somewhere else?
    Looking forward to see you all there!

  4. Rosa Volpe

    Almost 500 kms away from my city but I can do it, I cannot miss this opportunity!! I will come with our camper and my family will go to the beach while I attend the amazing course, so Richard, if you see a camper (Miller Alabama) stop by for a real Italian coffee and some sweets! I just look forward and will be counting the days until July!

  5. Richard Graham

    Welcome everyone, so looking forward to seeing you all!!

    @Galina: You are booked and paid for the workshops, I’ll get an email to you on Monday. Only thing for you to do now is to book your accommodation and travel!

  6. Richard Graham

    We now have people flying in from Italy, France, Portugal, Bulgaria & Algeria, this is going to be amazing!!

  7. Beverley Ann Jackson

    Hello everybody 🙂
    I’ve just booked up and I’m so happy! Can’t wait to see everybody.. it’s going to be awesome!

  8. michelle

    Count me in ! Booked and Paid !
    Something amazingly awesome is going to happen.
    Lookind in forward to seeing the Genki community!

  9. mihaela

    Romania’s gonna be there too! looking forward to it!!

  10. Massimo ONOFRI

    Hi Richard,
    ho w many people will be at the Italian meeting? I am considering maybe 2 people.

    Talk to you soon,
    Massimo ONOFRI

  11. Richard Graham

    Hi Massimo!

    It’s around 30 people this time, so small scale with lots of personal attention and …. with lots of amazing and super enthusiastic Genki English fans!

    If you want to join us then please do get the tickets booked now as we’ll be taking them down quite soon!

  12. Patrizia Bini

    Hi there, Richard, I am in Australia now, sorry to be missing out, when are you coming to Australi??

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