As you’re reading this I’ll hopefully be back in Tanzania to do the next stage of our East Africa project. ย  The final goalย apparentlyย being to have Genki English and Genki Phonics helping every school in the country. ย Fingers crossed.

If you want to know a little more about how we’re doing it, the partners we’re working with (US Department of State for one) plus of course see the amazing quotes from the Harvard research, ย the report on the January-March intervention has just been published, which you can download here:

Technology Enhanced Education in Tanzaniaย TEE – pdf

If you are involved with, or know anyone who is involved with, these types of research and development projects overseas then please do tell them to check it out.

It is amazing to think that all the hard work we’ve all been doing (I couldn’t have done it without all your support) gets such an amazing result with the kids and students over there. ย Here’s what they wrote ย …..

Key Findings

1.1 โ€œBased on a variety of analyses, it has been confirmed that the TEE intervention had a significant,
positive and robust impact on studentsโ€™ learning outcomesโ€, (Schlemmer, Harvard University, 2012).

1.2 Average student improvement shown on post course tests compared with the pre course tests was
60% over all eight tests; and in specific tests – writing (123%) and English comprehension (75%).

โ€œAt the beginning of the course they couldnโ€™t read a single sentence, but now they can read a bookโ€
Tanzanian volunteer teacher (2012).

Being in rural Tanzania does mean I’m probably going to be without email access for the next week or so.

But I promise I will get back to all of you once I get back online the week after next, and do check out some of my previous photos, posts & videos ย from Africa!

Be genki,


Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!

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  1. Stephen

    Wow, that sounds like exciting and rewarding stuff you are doing in Africa. And best of all, you have backed to all up by results!!! Totally awesome!!!

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