New Song & Lesson: Baby Monkey’s “This is my Day” Daily Routine!

Yesterday we had Little Red Riding Hood’s Daily Routine,  and today it’s Baby Monkey’s turn.   There’s a whole new song, animation and beta test software on the new vol. 14 and the Teacher’s Set.

There are also A4 pdf Flashcards available for VIP members too.  

Lesson Plan

Make sure you’ve done at least the numbers lesson, if not the time lessons ( 1 and 2) before doing this theme.   Then it’s a simple 1,23, lesson plan as always:

  1. Warm Up with a review of all the lessons done so far ( 5 to 10 minutes)
  2. Introduce the new phrase using the digital flashcard “words” section of the software and then the song in big loud voices. ( 15 to 20 minutes)
  3. Output with the classroom game. ( 15 to 20 minutes)

There are 2 great game options for this lesson.

The first is a show and tell where the kids draw out, hold up and tell everyone their own daily routine, either using phrases from the song, from Little Red Riding Hood or elsewhere  e.g.  “Hello, my name’s Richard!  I get up at 8.  I do my yoga at 12.  etc. etc. ”

Ninja Tip:  If you’re follow the “start your own school” program put the videos up on Facebook one each day staggered over the week – the grandparents especially love this – plus of course it’s great promotion when people search for your school and see kids actually speaking their own English! 🙂 

The second game option is a variation on the Pink Fish game. 

1. Spread out flashcards of just the routines.  ( Here are some for you with no times on them!)

2. On the opposite side of the class spread out the A4 time flashcards.

3. Put the kids in groups.

4. When you say “Go!” the first kid from each group rushes to pick up a just the routines flashcard, then runs to the other side of the room to pick up a time flashcard, then rejoins their group, holds up both cards and shouts out the sentence using the cards e.g. “I wake up at 4!”

5. Fastest person to make the sentence correctly gets 2 points,  everyone else who can say their sentence correctly gets 1 point.

6. These kids go to the back of their group and repeat from step 4.


There you go lots of fun,  some very impressive sounding sentences and Baby Monkey playing guitar,  what more could you want 🙂

And here is the Evaluation Worksheet to show the parents:

And the mini cards for class games!

Plus a version without any clocks so you can play the pink fish game above with mini cards ( – Thank you Aya! 🙂 )


And here is the song in action with Virginie’s amazing students!

Be genki,


Richard Graham

I'm on a mission to make education Genki—fun, exciting, and full of life! Genki English has now been researched by Harvard University and licensed by the British Council around the world. The results have been magical! Now I'm here to help you teach amazing lessons, with all the materials prepared for you, and to double your teaching income so you can sustainably help many more students in the future!

12 Responses to “New Song & Lesson: Baby Monkey’s “This is my Day” Daily Routine!”

  1. Martin Wenzel

    Yes!!! This is a sentence pattern that shows up in most textbooks and it is great to now have a GENKI song to cover it! Can’t wait for the finished product…and to show the parents that we have more and more content coming.

  2. Aimee

    Thank you Richard! These last two songs are just what I needed to complete the curriculum used in Japan so far. GE is getting more and more attention as the homeroom teachers show what their students can do during demonstration lessons.

    In fact I had a severe case of laryngitis but the HRTs filled in with no hesitation. The 1st and 2nd year teacher jumped right in and had a perfect lesson as parents watched in amazement.

    We have even received the OK to introduce the sounds of letters the GE way next year in all elementaries. I am SO excited as the results are doing all the PR for us.

    Thank you for working so hard so that we can continue to use GE despite the obstacles google and Apple throw your way!

  3. Trevor Lawless

    Cool! Nice song, it’s going to be super easy to teach. “I get washed” sounded a bit strange at first but I guess he is a baby so he gets washed by his mum or dad. Maybe you could have extra flashcards for take a shower and take a bath so kids can learn those phrases for their own presentations.

  4. Carla Chazottes

    Hi Richard great song, I’m waiting for the way to introduce this to my regular menu. As I can’t download it on my phone and on my computer I need an internet connexion to play it.
    Thanks a lot, still love the songs, FC and games. And the most important thing, it works kids are learning while playing and they really enjoy.

  5. Nena

    Hi there Richard!
    I’ve haven’t been teaching for a while so I’ve been out of touch…have to say that you’re amazing!
    LHRH and Baby Monkey Daily Routine are amazing!
    Can’t wait to start using them!

  6. Richard Graham

    Thanks Carla and Nena! @Trevor: yeah that’s there to get round the US vs UK “have a bath” vs ‘take a bath” 🙂

  7. Gary

    Hi Richard,

    Are mini cards coming for this and perhaps all new lessons?

  8. Aya

    Hello Richard, thank you for putting up those new songs! Where can I find mini cards for the Baby monkey routine song? Thanks!

  9. Aya

    That’s fantastic, thank you very much Richard! By any chance, do you also have mini card without time clock? That would be great if I can have both! Thanks a lot!

  10. Richard Graham

    Thank Aya – what a fantastic idea – just updated now! 🙂 And great timing as I still had the mini cards file open 🙂

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