Help Please: Do any of you actually use Twitter for teaching or ideas?

twittere4The BBC just did an interesting piece on using social media in English teaching. Β Β  In general I pretty much agree with what they wrote. Β But one quote stood out as being quite interesting, from an English teacher who says:

“If you’re an English teacher and you’re not using Twitter then you’re missing out,”

Now personally, I don’t use Twitter, I just don’t get it!

Am I missing out? Β  Do any of you find Twitter useful or would you to see Genki English tips & ideas up on there?

Or is it better to just leave things as they are with the blog and/or Facebook?

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Thank you!



Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. And when I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. So I'm sharing it all with you now...

18 Responses to “Help Please: Do any of you actually use Twitter for teaching or ideas?”

  1. Margit

    Well, I agree in general with the article, but I think there can also be a “Too much”.
    If I would use all the major social networks out there I’d have hardly any time to care for my students. Not to mention that probably my private time, which is anyway pretty net determined would vanish without me noticing it.
    One or two medias should be enough;

    With GE there is the website including blog and forum and Facebook .
    I don’t see any reason to add Twitter.

    And I did meet some really great teachers around the world via this blog, and am grateful for the wonderful exchanges we have.

    It is perfect!

  2. Antonella

    I completely agree with Margit: it’s toooo much!
    Richard, you are already working hard, just keep up with it! Love it!

  3. Jerry Groome

    Too much for me Richard.

    I can hardly keep up with all that do now on the blog and FaceBook

  4. Amy

    I am in the same boat as you Richard, I donΒ΄t see the point of twitter. As the others have already commented, the blog, forum, and facebook is enough for me too. To tell you the truth I mostly look at the blog and when I have a certain doubt or want more info on a certain song, CD, idea, etc. I take a look at the forum.

    I have always been a little weary of technology because if we are not careful, instead of making things easy for us it takes more of our time and we loose the personal contact that is soo necessary for everyone.

    We need to find the happy balance…and everybodyΒ΄s is different:)

  5. Adam

    The Genki blog and website have been immensely helful to me in my teaching. When I teach though, I try not to use too much technology. My students are only 5 or 6 years old and I know that they are already playing on iPads at home.
    A friend of mine once tried to turn me on to twitter this way. He said, “When I follow someone on facebook, it’s because we are personal friends. When I follow someone on twitter, it’s because I am interested in his ideas.” The idea with twitter is that you are limited to a certain number of words so you have to make your point. However, everytime I head over to twitter, I feel that what I am reading is incomplete. Anyway, a lot of people just cross post on twitter and facebook. But, on facebook you can see the whole post.
    Not a fan of twitter!

  6. Nena

    I totally agree with Margit and the others!
    Genkie is perfect as it is…and you are always available to answer any questions and requests too!

  7. Mark

    In Taiwan, I use LINE (I believe the app is from Japan, very popular with students and parents here in Taiwan). So with my private group lessons, I create a group with the parents. Then I can share photos and videos of the children learning and having fun, being crazy with the songs. The parents love it and it’s shared just with them. I can also record a sentence or vocab words for the kids to listen to through the week. Little kids aren’t on computers yet, but funny, they are always playing on their parents phone… Also the parents can listen along with their kids, I love encouraging parents to learn with or be taught by their children.

  8. Sevy28

    I don’t use twitter and I don’t think missing out. Go on as you do !

  9. AnA

    I only find useful for older learners and to do a short of discussion. Or mayor to share your knowledge and ideas but you have a conpleteful web.
    I am agree with the people that said that you do many things. Thanks for your great ideas.

  10. Mrmr

    I dont use it either and didnt read the article but at a guess it is probably useful for sharing stuff. If I get a job in which I need to get worksheets and etc I’ll probably join!

  11. claudia

    Actually I have an account on Twitter but I never use it..I simply can’t get it. Maybe if some teachers would tweet my way I might get into it..
    I use FB and Pinterest a lot and have got in touch with some nice and interesting people who share good teaching ideas. Genki is one of my fav but via e-mail. Lots of hints and fun games. Thank you (again) Richard

  12. Mr

    I dont use Twitter but could see it would be useful if you could get ‘in’ with a good bunch of teachers who work along the same lines. I used to work with my ex-girlfriend and so one day she’d make something, thee next day I would. That sort of thing. I have used Facebook with adult classes quite a bit, just made a group for the class and then can post video, links to grammar explanations eg. the BBC page, or even just if something came up in the class like a song or video that I thought would add to what we were talking about that day….I thought about making a blog for my classes so they could watch the songs with mum at home but my boss said no. Boo

  13. sma

    It’s good for people who learn English to practice & write all the time *in Eglish*…but, as a teacher it’s may be useful when it come to short inf. / quiz .

    Richard God bless you ~

  14. Roger

    I am not a fan of twitter. I also can’t really see the point of it

  15. Jaynie

    Totally agree with Amy.All these things take up alot of your time.
    I am not on facebook or twitter!
    My friends think Im stoneage because I still only use mail!
    I totally agree with Antonella and Margit, the website,blog and forum are more than enough.
    Keep some time for yourself Richard!

  16. Elizabeth

    I agree that it takes a lot of our time to be in contact through technological platforms, even though I recognise they are very helpful, and GENKI ENGLISH has given me a lot of ideas and the motivation to try new strategies in teaching.

  17. Malc

    Nope. I don’t get twitter either. Don’t use it for anything.

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