Mr Monkey’s Cooking Corner

I hope you were as impressed as I was with Kamila & Margits amazing cooking lessons the other day.

They were amazing weren’t they!

And if you’re looking for something even simpler to get started with, Β why not try out Mr Monkey’s Cooking Corner for Cheese on Toast or Choco Bananas!

These were two of the very first pages I put on Genki English! πŸ™‚

cheestoast chocobanana

And if you haven’t checked them out yet, Β do have a look atΒ Kamila & Margits cooking lesson, Β that is the future of English learning!



Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. And when I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. So I'm sharing it all with you now...

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  1. emmanuelle

    More recipes!!!
    This is perfect, I love cooking with children.
    We’ve done gingerbreadmen of course, chocolate chips cookies, and this year 2 pumpkin recipes: a sweet and a salty one!

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