New Game: Preposition Obstacle Course

Dan has just sent in this great idea to use with the Prepositions Lesson (or the cute spider one!)

I didn’t find a game for preposition that I could use.
So I came up with one that isn’t too original.
They were so bored with traditional hand songs and gestures and flash cards – they want to run!
So I created the Preposition Obstacle Course.
It speaks for itself, you just set out a list of obstacles and the kids have to do them whilst saying them in English.
You can change it how ever the materials allow in the classroom.
They didn’t want to go home when it was time this was so much fun.
Preposition Obstacle Course
In the circle
Under the chair
Over the ball
Through the box
Around the table
Between the chairs
Behind the curtain
Near the door
Around the umbrella
On the bench
In the circle
Or whatever the kids come up with!
Thanks Dan!
There’s also Nigel’s Assault Course Game if you happen to have a gym.
What are your favourite games for prepositions? Β Please do write them up in the comments!

Richard Graham

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2 Responses to “New Game: Preposition Obstacle Course”

  1. cindy Howard

    I got this card game from somewhere on the internet.

    It has 4 animals, and 5 prepositions (in, on, under, behind, in front of.

    Then it also has wild card, draw 2, etc. (just like Uno).

    It also has items that the things are in front of.

    So for example. One picture will be…
    the fish … is in …. the toilet.

    We play uno with it, and the kids have to say what each picture is showing in order to put their card down.

    I also use these cards for snap, where you have 2 or 3 children simultaneously putting down cards with one thing in common (the animal or the preposition).

    The kids get very fluent in these in just one lesson, and they ask for it on weeks where I let them choose a game.

  2. Roger

    Hey everyone,

    I use a game I call preposition showdown. It’s like a western showdown where they say draw and the quickest gun wins. Set up 2 chairs opposite each other, with a student at each chair. Call out a preposition and the fastest one wins. To make it more challenging, call out a group of prepositions. Then split the class into groups of three.

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