Last week we had the Tree Fukuwarai, and it also works great with the Body Parts Snowman Lesson.

1. Draw a big outline of a snowman on the board.

2. Cut out the A4 flashcards of body parts and put magnets on the back.

3. At the back of the class blindfold one child, spin them around 3 times and give them a snowman body part.

4. The other kids have to direct them to board withΒ Left/Right Up/Down etc.

5. Once they get there they stick the body part Β on the snowman!

6. Repeat from step with another child and another decoration.

A “level up” way of doing this is to give the kids a pen, once they get to the board their team mates tell them what body part to draw!

Or if you have a double sided white board you can have two teams playing at the same time. Β At the end you show each team what they other team produced.

This is always a fun game!

Richard Graham

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