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Researched by Harvard University Graduate School of Education & The University of Oxford Department of Education. Licensed by the British Council around the world.

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For the past 25 years I’ve been helping schools, universities & governments around the world make their English education fun, effective &Β Genki – the Japanese word for β€œfun,” β€œexciting” & β€œfull of life!” πŸ’₯

The results have been magical, leading to a TEDx talk, TV shows, books published and thousands of happy teachers πŸ˜€.

Now I’m here to help you teach amazing English lessons, to save you time with all the materials already prepared for you, and to increase your teaching income so you can sustainably help even more students in the future! πŸš€

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British Council Press Release: The Genki approach to learning English works by engaging all of the learners’ senses and appealing to a wide range of learning styles. Children are engaged visually through the simple but striking graphics, aurally/orally through the simple chants and songs and limited amounts of graded vocabulary input and kinaesthetically through the actions and games. Because all of the learning tasks are organised as game-like activities, children are immediately motivated to take part.” –


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