Bonus Rooms of the House game!

Here’s a quick little bonus games you can use with the animated flash cards in the Genki English software

And here’s the song …

The “students” came up with their own gestures. Β You can find the song & software in the Teacher’s Set.

What do you think?

Richard Graham

I'm on a mission to make education Genkiβ€”fun, exciting, and full of life! Genki English has now been researched by Harvard University and licensed by the British Council around the world. The results have been magical! Now I'm here to help you teach amazing lessons, with all the materials prepared for you, and to double your teaching income so you can sustainably help many more students in the future!

One Response to “Bonus Rooms of the House game!”

  1. Liza

    Hi Richard, thanks for this tip. Coincidentally (!) one of the themes today was rooms in the house. And coincidentally, this one classroom is the only one fitted with a projecter or beamer. The kids loved it.

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