Cambodia Lunch & French Guiana Breakfast

In last month’s workshop the Cambodia teachers lunchtime project was to photo their school lunch using the XO and then present to the class. Here’s the lesson plan if you’d like to try it.

or a Gorgeous French Guiana Breakfast?

Over on the forum we’ve been chatting about breakfast videos and Carol, from the comments section here, has sent in this video of her breakfast.Β  It makes you want to move out there, doesn’t it!

Even if you can’t get your kids to do the projects right away, it would be really cool if you could video your breakfast (most digital cameras are cool to do this) and send it in.Β  I think it would be great to see all the breakfasts from around the world,Β  never might the kids! πŸ™‚

I can do it!

At the end of the workshops last week the Cambodia teachers were also getting into the “I can do it!” song.Β  You couldn’t imagine they were all poker faced “We can’t do this” teachers the day before!

Richard Graham

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One Response to “Cambodia Lunch & French Guiana Breakfast”

  1. Carol

    Breakfast is genkier when it’s shared with others!! Being curious myself, I, like Richard, would also love to see breakfasts from around the world!! Please, get your cameras rolling, as you CAN do this!! :-)) Kids will get into too I’m sure.

    Thanks Richard for letting me share my breakfast (visually at least) with everyone. I have really enjoyed watching your video meals from your travels.

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