Flossy in Austria has sent in this great numbers video – complete with dinosaurs!

The original version of the song is in the Download Pack.

I want to incorporate more dinosaurs into Genki English, the kids love them! Β But what new language do you think would work best with dinosaurs as characters?

Richard Graham

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6 Responses to “Dinosaur Numbers!”

  1. gumby

    Ooh a dinosaur theme! Sounds great! Just to start off the brainstorming, how about another one for adjectives or (I have…body part)
    long/short (legs, neck,tail), sharp/dull (teeth), colors, tall/short, slow/fast

    or an intro to Don’t + daily routines.
    Dinosaurs don’t (brush their teeth, comb their hair, wash their face, change their clothes, walk the dog, wash the dishes, take a shower…)
    Although this sounds more like something for a book…

  2. gumby

    some more, smooth/rough skin stripes/spots, round/pointy thin, thick, bald, hairy, scary/friendly

  3. Flossy

    I like Gumby’s suggestions. I would like anything with adjectives or prepositions ( as mentioned on the forum). Present continuous with different pronouns i.e He is eating his steak, She is brushing her teeth, They are washing their faces.

    A low level colour song or number song would also be very popular with kindergarten children too.

  4. Yumiko

    The dinosaur video is great! Thank you, Flossy!
    Dinosaur theme will surely give kids dreams.
    What about teaching “a lot” or “a lot of”?
    The dinosaur eats a lot/ laughs a lot.
    The dinosaur has a lot of dreams/ friends. etc.
    Kids will learn verb+s too, I hope!

  5. Julian-k

    Richard, didn’t you mention on the forum a while back about having another GE family? How about dinosaurs?

  6. nena

    Hello everyone and thanks for all the great ideas!
    I’m a new member and not very good with the computer but I’ve decide to try the Genkie rules on my self
    “I can do it”!
    Anyway regarding the dinosaur theme anything goes…numbers, colors, adjetives and why not use the popular superhero verbs (using can and can’t) eg. “can run” “can jump” “can clim” or use of likes regarding food eg. “likes meat”,”likes fish”, “likes vegetables”.
    Flossy I love your and ideas. I used the make baby monkey( body parts) in a private lesson the little girl is 5 and really loved it! Thanks again to Richard and everyone.

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