Exploding Fat Man! + New Halloween Prepositions MP3

It’s Β a good job Halloween is getting nearer because Mido Farid’s games keep getting crazier and crazier! Β Hopefully this one will put the kids off hamburgers for life!


1. Divide the class into two teams.

2. Draw five big hamburges on each side of the board.

3. Draw two boys beside the first hamburger at each side.

4. Ask the first student Β of each team a question.

(this is the English part of the game, you can use it to practice whatever you happen to be studying at theΒ momentΒ – Richard)

5. If he/she answers wrong the boy will eat the first hamburger and get fatter and fatter.

6. At the end the fattest one loses the game so do your best not to eat theΒ hamburgersΒ (you can also ask the students to rock, paper, scissors & Β the loser eats the hamburger)

plz dont get fat!

be happy mido

What do you think?
P.S. Have a look at the new Halloween Prepositions Song!

Richard Graham

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4 Responses to “Exploding Fat Man! + New Halloween Prepositions MP3”

  1. Nathalie

    Again, a fun variation the children will love!

  2. mido

    hi all my dear teachers
    im really crazy about Genki English
    i love all the kids
    plz make them happy
    im waiting for my coming baby so i ll do my best to give u all i ve got to make kids happy

  3. Martin

    Thank you I love these games ideas. The problem I have with games like this one is when the kid’s vocabulary is very limited i.e. you soon run out of questions so if you have a sizeable class of say 30 and you split it into two teams you have to find at least 15 questions. The more questions you think of they naturally get more difficult. Any ideas would be helpful.
    Congratulations on the baby Mido.

  4. mido

    hi teachers
    i hope any one read my games leave a comment
    coz i still have lots of ideas im going to send them to genkienglish
    hope to hear from u soon

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