Game Changing Technique for Genki Adults Lessons! (As seen on TV!)

Over in the ๐Ÿš€Double your teaching income course one of the things I walk teachers & school owners through (in module 3) is exactly how to get media & TV coverage.

And the latestย teacher to do that is Mayumi!

For those of you outside Japan, this is probably the most Japanese video you’re ever going to watch (!), but it’s going to bring Mayumi a constant stream of students for a long time to come!

The cool thing for all Genki English teachers is that it shows you some of Mayumi’s top secrets as to why her courses are so different and successful!


And she has a game changer in her “4D System” …..

Many teachers write in to ask me if they can “slow down” the Genki English songs. ย  ย This doesn’t work because not only does it send the students to sleep it also means they get really good at slooooowwwww ย English.

And when native speakers pop along they freeze!

So Mayumi’s genius stroke is to do the opposite . She does the Genki English song with the adults at regular speed first.

Then ….. she does it at 1.25 times speed – check it out in the video!

You can see the expression on the TV presenter’s face as suddenly it goes from “Ok, this is pretty normal” to “Oh, that’s a bit of a challenge!”

Then she goes to 1.5 times speed!!!

This is just like weight lifters adding weights for each set of reps. ย  It’s this that builds your muscles and then when you get back to regular speed everything becomes super easy!

Now in order to do this Mayumi had to record videos for every Genki English song so she could vary the speed!

Luckily you don’t need to do this if you’ve got the Genki Teachable course as there’s a speed control built in. ย  ( If you’re a VIP, email me if you want your discount code, it’s well worth it for this one feature alone!)

If you’re teaching adults (or you want to) this is going to be a game changer for your classes!

Give it a try and enjoy!!!

Be genki,



P.S. ย One of the secrets to getting on TV is that it doesn’t matter who sees it live, ย it’s the ย ability to say “As seen on ….” that has the value! ย Find out more in the Genki ๐Ÿš€ย Launch your school course.

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