Huge Q&A and teaching FAQ Replay!

We just had an amazing teaching questions session, Β Cristina started off with amazing advice on how she filled her classes and travelled around the world teaching English.

Then I covered all the top questions and challengesΒ you have been sending in this week! Β So grab a coffee and enjoy!


Here are some of the questions we covered:

  • How do I keep the students interested in learning English?
  • How do I help students understand what new words and phrases mean?
  • How do I check how well they are learning English?
  • What are some fun activities I can use to help students learn English?
  • How can I help students feel less scared to speak English in public?
  • How do I motivate students to study English at home?
  • What can I do to help students get better at listening and speaking English?
  • How do I help students with problems saying words and grammar correctly?
  • How do I make the classroom a good place for students to learn English?
  • How can I use technology and the internet to make lessons more interesting for students?

And some of the most common problems we answered

  • Limited language proficiency of students.Β  How to teach English when they don’t speak English?
  • Learning differences/abilities in one class
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Limited resources.
  • Class size.
  • How to do assessment and evaluation (in a fun way if possible!)
  • Inconsistent home support
  • Burnout and stress
  • Kids who are tired


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