It’s been mostly elementary school things over the last few weeks. But requests for kindergarten ideas keep arriving all the time, so here are some great little videos from Ms. Lucky in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong you might think everyone speaks English already, but outside the privileged elite most people only speak Cantonese, hence the kids have to learn at school. Luckily with Genki English, and a great teacher in class, this is pretty easy!!

First we have “What time is it, Mr Wolf?” sometimes time can be tricky for young kids, but not here! Note how the gestures keep everyone focussed.

Next up is the Animal Voices song. Notice how the teacher says the “I have a <animal>” line then the kids just say the voice of the animal with the gestures. It takes a little while for the song to start, but also notice how the kids pay much more attention to the fast parts than the slow parts!

And finally the classic Left & Right Very easy and great when the music is nice and loud!

Thank you Lucky for uploading the videos, and I’m sure she’d appreciate anyone’s comments or Youtube ratings on the videos. And thank you very much for watching, I hope you got a few ideas for your classroom. If you have any videos of your kids singing the Genki English songs or games then please put the videos online and send me the link.

If YouTube asks about the copyright then usually I give my permission to use the songs in the background as long as there are kids singing over the top (so people can’t steal the raw songs from the videos!) and is credited.

Having your school name and URL on there is also a fantastic way for you to get new students as parents will be able to search and see exactly how fun your lessons are!

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. And when I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. So I'm sharing it all with you now...

9 Responses to “Kindergarten Songs”

  1. Liza

    Thank you. I teach a small kindergarten group of 5 kids age 3-6 once a week… this was timely help indeed.

  2. Julian-k

    Great. She seem’s like such a genki teacher! I wish I’d had these to show my 2nd grade teacher who insisted GE was “just too hard for second graders!” (Never mind that the kids disagreed). It really does show that even the youngest of kids can get allot out of the material as long as it’s introduced right. On another note, I would love to work somewhere with that kind of set up! A projector!

  3. Flossy

    What great videos. The classroom looks amazing, mini stage, giant interative white board and so bright. I especially love the children’s actions for the animal song, how sweet. Well Done to Ms. Lucky, the class teacher!

  4. Spencer

    Watching it proves to everyone that teaching children as early as possible is the key to learning anything! ^^ I want to show these videos to my 6th graders and be like, “wow, they are how old?” Maybe I should work in China, haha.

  5. Monica

    Thank you very much Lucky, I teach a group of kids age 3-6 three times a week in a small town in México. I appreciate very much this kind of videos!

  6. Rosebud

    What super little kids. Well done little ones. Really, looks like they’re having fun doesn’t it?

  7. Ms.Lucky

    Genki is for all ages!!! Thanks Richard for sharing my videos 🙂 and for the comments!

    Be Genki always!!!

  8. Cesar

    How are you! I see you are busy as ever! Sorry for not putting any input lately… I am now charged for English Land here on Okinawa! Wow! What a great video of kids having a blast with English! I hope to put some up in the future as well! I am looking forward to CD9 and Ms. Lucky, “YOU ROCK!” Stay Genki and Genki-Bye!

  9. Yumiko

    What great videos!
    A great teacher, great kids and great environment!
    Thank you for sharing them, Ms. Lucky.

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