New Game: The Ice Eating Wolf!

Babi just sent in this great new game.

If you like it do send her a nice comment on the blog. I can’t wait to try it myself!


1. I create badges (or stickers) with the vocab from today’s lesson and I give one badge to every kid.

2. They hang their badge on the t-shirt so that everybody can see it.
3. Then, I say… “And the wolf is… ” plus one of the vocab items. e.g the hamster for the pets lesson on vol. 6.
4. The hamster is the wolf and has to catch the other kids.
5. Once they catch one other kids they say out loud the pet name they caught.
6.  They go on like this, till they catch the last kid!
Of course, once the last kid is caught, they want to play the game again and again.

Very useful, after 3/4 matches they perfectly know the new words.

– What do you think?  This is the first game Babi has sent in, so if you like the game, do send Babi a nice message in the comments!

Richard Graham

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19 Responses to “New Game: The Ice Eating Wolf!”

  1. Stephen

    I have done a variation of this game with colors that I saw on TV once. You give each child a color, and then make one color the safe color. All the other kids have to try and touch a kid with the safe color before you catch them. Very simple but fun!!! Could be adapted for any vocab as in the above game!!!

  2. ash

    Hey! Thanks for this.
    I’m definitely going to try it with animals lesson 🙂

  3. Elvira

    Such a simple and nice game!I like it. Thank you,Babi.Certainly, I’ll take it on board.

  4. Denny

    Lovely idea!!! I play a similar game using paper and pegs clipped to the front of their T-shirts or sweatshirts as I find that stickers can sometimes fall off. Make sure you have a limited area to play as children can get excited and run off bounds!!!

  5. tung

    That’s a good idea! Thanks, I will use that for my next class.

  6. Grettel-

    Thank you very much. We are always in search for new refreshing ideas. Not that the children are getting fed up with always playing the same games. But for us teachers it’s more fun if we can vary a little more.

    This game sounds easy and fun. Let’s try it one of the next weeks!

  7. Stef

    I tried a simular game last week but The kisds did not react. I thought it was because they disn’t understand so theis mani Teacher translated for me but we couldn’t get them involved.

  8. nawal

    I really liked your game Babi ,as well as Genki English ,it is marvels soon I’ll do it with my students.

  9. Mariela

    Hey Babi,
    nice game! I am doing it next class but using, as you guys suggested, different vocabulary. Now we are reviewing clothing vocabulary and months of the year. My problem is that maybe there is no enough space for them to run. And , of course , Denny’s idea of using paper and pegs instead of stickers is just perfect for me as here in Peru is expensive to get the sticky paper.

  10. Mariela

    Dear Stef,

    I had a very similar problem with my students. They just did not get involved with my activities or games. No matter how hard I would try I failed. But then I started surfing the net and I realized it was just because of warm up activities we have to do from the very beginning. I thought warming up as just showing flashcards and asking questions 🙁 but then I met Genki English and I watched Richard’s videos. From then on, two weeks ago, I use TPR activities for warming up. I make my students stand up, sit down, turn around…make some silly things so as they get involved with me and the activity..and of course CHANTS are so helpful. I found some very funny and voila…my dear students got involved, had fun and they love my activities and me…yeah, yeah, yeah.. 🙂

  11. Remy

    Thanks for the idea. I will try it tomorrow.

  12. Remy

    Thank you. I will try this game tomorrow.

  13. Niloc Deeps

    Another great idea. How did I manage before Genki English?
    My kids love “kangaroo sumo”(I think that’s what it’s called), so this should be a real hit.

    @Mariela – My problem isn’t really space, it’s more that the kids are very Genki and I have nightmares about broken noses etc. So, all “running” games are done with a paper cup balanced on their heads. It’s great fun and safe. I think I stole this idea from Mido, so a big thank you to him.

  14. Tanompen

    I have many students in my classroom so I do like this. But the other game for animals.That’s good idea. I will use like this next class.

  15. Paulina

    so simple, so amazing:)waiting for more

  16. Jessica

    This is a great idea! I can’t wait to try it out with my kids. They’re 5 yrs old so they definitely need activities like these to burn the energy they have.

  17. Nana sam

    thanks for your good work done hope to send more games to me so that i can improve more skills in my teaching have a bless

  18. luis alberto

    The memory demands in the classroom for children are high; they are constantly bombarded by new knowledge and this game gives them the chance for learning and enjoy . THANKS FOR THIS GIFT…

  19. Oana


    I am working also with 5 years olds. Challenging, aren’t they? 🙂

    All the games are so useful. Thank you

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