Simone has been using the “What’s your name?” song to introduce forest animals. Β And … to also to help introduce the idea of herbivores and predators. …

1. Give the kids animal cards, some with predators & some with herbivores.

2. Play the normal “What’s your name?” song.

3. At “Nice to …” the kids show their card.

4. If both are herbivores they just say “Nice to meet you”

5. But if one has a carnivore card they say “Nice to eat you!” and chase after the herbivore!

Lots of fun!

Richard Graham

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5 Responses to “Nice to eat you!”

  1. Sara

    Two herbivores do nothing. A carnivore chases a herbivore. How about if two carnivores growl and show “claws”? Wouldn’t it make it more fun….especially if they are small….and the teacher is super genki and does a crazy demo of growling and clawing?

  2. Nena

    Fun and easy! I agree with Sara…even a slight variation the bigger carnivorous animal eats the small one!

  3. Olivia

    Great!! ideas…I just was thinking about if the card put back side to the students to try guessed it…


    Have an excellent week…


  4. Jocely Kikuchi

    I think it’s very nice and genki idea I liked it. As my part is concerned allow me to share my 1 yen idea
    This is the way my students came up with the ” Whats’s your name. Every students hold up two coutry- flags of their choiced and they formed a circle dancing to the rythm of the music hitting the target flag they want to ( hands-up) of course and stated their individual names when the music says My name is… when the song says “Nice to meet you” They shouted in unison ” Nice to meet you” and bow to each other and looks a little silly because everyone bows like in a stage show performance. If you like it please try.

  5. gumby

    Sounds like a fun game. It can also be done as a variation of the Hungry Wolf game. The Ss are all herbivores and they ask What’s your name. the teacher answers with an animal name. If it is a herbivore they step forward and say, ‘nice to meet you.’ If it is a wolf or carnivore they run away as the carnivore says, Nice to eat you!

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