Here’s another review game from Mido Farid. Β This time we save the Titanic!

TheΒ TitanicΒ is sinking. Two or more teams try to get all their people off the ship before it goes down.


1. Draw a picture like the one above on the board.

2. You can draw as many figures in the ship as you like. Use fruit or animals if you don’t like the idea of playing a game where people drown. You can even write simple words in the boat (if your students can read) and ask the students to name the things they want rescued.
3. Divide the class into two or more teams.

4. Explain that the team that gets the most people (or fruit orΒ animals or words) off the sinking ship first, wins.

1. Choose a player to go first.

2. Ask this player a question (or to name a flashcard etc.) and then give him or her the dice to roll.

3. The throw determines how many people (or fruit orΒ animals or words) can be rescued.

4. To rescue, simply erase the figures and redraw them quickly on one of the lifeboats.

5. Then let the opposing team roll.

6. Again rescue as many figures as the number on the dice.

7. Keep playing until all the people (or fruit orΒ animals or words) are off theΒ Titanic.
Note: to make the game more exciting give your class a time limit for getting people off the boat. Tell your students that theΒ TitanicΒ will sink in, for example, two minutes. This really helps to motivate students to answer your questions quickly.
1. Play with any vocabulary or sentence patterns.
2. To practice numbers.

Have fun – Mido

Richard Graham

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  1. mido

    hi my dear teachers
    this is my new game
    hope all of you try it
    it is nice in the class
    wait me for more

  2. mido farid

    what do you think of this game?
    is it ok?
    i just wanna say thanx to Richard that he gives me the chance to show my ideas hope u like them

  3. Deisy

    hi, please i will like to receves more games for primary students, i`ve seen they work very very very well, but i still need more, so PLEASE can you send me more games specially for little kids. Please, Thank you.

  4. mido

    hi teachers
    i hope any one read my games leave a comment
    coz i still have lots of ideas im going to send them to genkienglish
    hope to hear from u soon

  5. Tina

    im a teacher from china
    i like your games sooooooo much
    waiting for more thank you

  6. mercedes acosta

    I like your game, this is a variation I usually do with my students. We arrange the chairs pretending we are on a sinking boat. the aim of the game is that all my students have a different proffesion and only one has to jump off the boat to save the others (besides the sea is full of hungry sharks) ss. must give a reason why they can not jump from the boat ex: I’m a doctor and I can’t jump because I cure people and you will need me in case one of you gets sick) and so on .. students really like it.. try it…

  7. Adam

    Hello, bro
    This is Adam , u are amazing for these stuffs , man … i hope to see more and more stuffs like these and i hope to be one of yr friends as well .. anyway i am working in the same city tht u’re wroking ….i hope we can keep in touch

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