Uno Style Game in Video – great for ESL!

Margit has been using the Genki English “One Left” Uno Style game to great effect in her classes. Β Check out this video:

Kids love this Uno game adapted to different topics out of the Genki English curriculum. It’s played like “Uno “(“one left” “last card”). I guess each family (group) has slightly different rules to play this game, so make sure before playing that the players agree on the same rules.
There are combinations of all kinds of topics on the Genki English Site:
(weather+ countries, numbers + colors, personal pronouns+stationary etc) I hope this can give an idea of how the game is played.
By the way, the most important thing for us is that the kids don’t use even one word of their first language while playing. You’ll see how concentrated they are to really speak English and how they even try very hard when “upset”.

You can find all the different versions we have here: (including fruits, prepositions, stationery, clothes etc.)

Have you tried them yet?

P.S. And Margit has a brand new blog full of videos – check it out!

Richard Graham

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2 Responses to “Uno Style Game in Video – great for ESL!”

  1. julian k

    I’m a huge fan of these games! They work really well in my small two/ three student groups!

  2. MΓ³nica

    My students love this game. We always devote the las 10 minutes to play a game they choose. Once they started playing this one, they didn’t want to play any other games at the end of the lesson. It’s the power of cards!!! πŸ˜€

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