What are you doing for the next 15 years?

The UN has just released their next 17 goals for the next 15 years.

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It might seem that you are just doing number 4 “Quality Education” Β (notice the important “quality” not just kids sitting in class being bored) but it is so much more than that.

In many communities 1 Poverty is Β directly linked to English and literacy.

With Genki English we focus on number 3 “Good Health and Well Being” with all the actions and jumping.

By giving confidence to girls we get some of the best results for 5 Gender Equality – and if you are the sort of person that believes girls should be second rate citizens then Genki English is *not* for you.

You are saving the world because the people who are going to do all of these things are probably sat in your classroom right now.

If you want to get goosebumps about what you are doing, Β check out Malala’s speech from the Global Citizen Festival last night:

Let’s do it!


Richard Graham

I'm on a mission to make education Genkiβ€”fun, exciting, and full of life! Genki English has now been researched by Harvard University and licensed by the British Council around the world. The results have been magical! Now I'm here to help you teach amazing lessons, with all the materials prepared for you, and to double your teaching income so you can sustainably help many more students in the future!

3 Responses to “What are you doing for the next 15 years?”

  1. Susan K

    Fantastic! I’m currently reading the autobiography of this very brave girl.

  2. Trevor Lawless

    Actually last night I read “It’s not fair” from Oxford Reading Tree to my sons, 4 and 6. The girl in the story wants to become a Knight but isn’t allowed to because she’s a girl. I thought it was a pretty good book to bring up the issue of gender equality with young kids. My 6-year-old managed to convince my 4-year old that a girl should be allowed to become a knight. (It helps when your mum is a firefighter).

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