What does Santa do? Genki English Picture Book!

๐ŸŽ„Eventhough itโ€™s not quite Christmas Eve – yet – do enjoy the final Genki Picture Book of the year!! Merry Christmas!!

P.S. ย As always VIP Members can get the pdf printable version along with all the other printables belowย and the narrated version is in your vol. 14 software along with the song and animation! ย Enjoy!

Lesson Plan & Recommended Game

1. You can teach nearly all the vocab in the How many days till Christmas? lesson first, then here we’re making it really simple and just introduce the He ….s ย  form.

2. Go through the song as usual, get the kids to come up with some funky cool gestures.

3. ย For the game, do a presentation activity where the kids think of what Santa does (maybe adding some daily routines??) and then they present their Santa Day to the class!

Here are the A4 flashcards:

And mini cards!


UPDATE : ย And the picture book has been added to the vol. 14ย software!


PDF Version is here!

And Evaluation Worksheet/Workbook for the parents to see:

What does santa do workbook

P.P.S. ย  And if you’re not a VIP yet, do join us soon, you get lifetime VIP access to the website with the Teacher’s Set ย & there’s also a special Christmas deal on at the moment to make sure everyone can join us! ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

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