Here’s a very festive game from Patty!

1. Students arrange chairs in a circle.
2. Tell students that Santa is going to visit all of their homes to deliver presents.
3. One person goes out in the hall.
4. Sing a Christmas Song Β (such as “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” or any Genki English Christmas Song) while students pass a small picture of Santa around the circle (Santa is visiting their house/delivering presents).
5. When the song ends the person with Santa hides it in their hands. Β Everyone else pretends like they have Santa as well.
6. The person from the hall comes back in the room to guess who has Santa. Β He/She says “Do you have Santa?”
7. Students answer “yes, no”
8. Β They have 3 guesses. Β If the person doesn’t get it then the person with Santa says “Here!”

9. Repeat from step 3.

*When explaining the game it works well to have everyone in the room.
*Change where you start passing the Santa each time.
*This activity works well for any size group. Β With large groups you could pass around 2 Santas and have 2 people go in the hall.

A very simple game, and maybe great for Christmas parties. What do you think?

P.S. Β The correct URL for Monday’s Grammar / Advanced GE songs is here! Β Sorry about that!

P.P.S. Β The winner of last month’s comment competition was ….Β Lines! Β Congratulations & please let me know which CD you’d like! Β This month’s competition is on now!

P.P.S. New Gingerbread man updates, “running” card & “Make your own Gingerbread Man” worksheet!

Richard Graham

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7 Responses to “Where is Santa?”

  1. seesaw sallie

    Yay! Another idea/game to “steal” just when the director asked us to come up with some song or activity related to Christmas. Thanks for saving me again.

  2. Nena

    Congratulations Lines!
    Thanks for yet another easy game to play in class… you’ve given us so many choices!
    I just love the gingerbread man running flashcard ! The gingerbread man song is certainly my favorite one!!!!!

  3. Jacs

    Thank you this is a great game and I will play it again but a Gingerbread Man and Snowman to fit in with those themes.

  4. Lines

    What a surprise!
    Hi, Richard and all the people who are always visiting genkienglish, looking for new ideas and genki materials.
    I’m very grateful for being the winner.
    I think I have all the packs, because I love genki english materials and I also have the adult songs.So I would like to be the first in having the new one
    As I like presents and I love surprises you can send me the one you enjoy more.
    I delighted with Gingerbread Man song, shapes song and I’m a robot song and videos, but I can’t download them.
    Thank you very much for my Christmas present.It’s the best present for me and I’m going to copy this paper ang I’m going to put it in my Christmas Tree.

  5. Jocely Kikuchi

    Hi Richard,
    Wow this is the kind of idea I was crazy looking for. Cetainly, it will works for all ages. Thank you very much for this simple but wonderful game. I am just wondering how and what the winning points of the game? If there’s anyone who tried of it, please share.
    Please share more.

  6. Sonja

    I played the game this afternoon with 8 year olds. They enjoyed it tremendously. Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you!

  7. Ratree

    I like this activity. Thank you very much. I will play with my students.

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