At least I can vlog…

Richard Graham

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8 Responses to “At least I can vlog…”

  1. Margit

    No people all around! How peaceful!

  2. Flossy

    What a beautiful garden. The weather now looks wonderful too! I would like to share this film with my students, can you set up a link maybe later when you are 100%? as I have no internet connections with my private classes!

    The picture looks really crystal clear. What are the still pictures like? We tested a Canon camera last week and were rather disappointed. How heavy is this camera? Why did you choose this one and not another???? Sorry to ask so many questions, but we actually need to buy a camera for our daughter for her school work and need to get it right!

  3. Amri

    I love Japanese gardens!! Though I have never been to one, but everytime I see pictures or videos, I would just love to go see them.

  4. Yumiko

    I can hear spring birds singing in the tranquility.
    So peaceful!

  5. sherry

    wow,,, i like. every ths in japan is coooooooooool

  6. monica

    Happy to see you smiling again, even though you look a bit embarassed!
    The gardens are gorgeous, but I saw them bit after bit..the computer connection was really bad!!!
    Thank you for giving us this “in”-sight of Japan.

  7. Julian

    If only ALL Japan was so well looked after!

    I had the same problem as Monica – I just saw a succession of stills, as the movie is presumably too big for my computer to handle. It looked beautiful nevertheless.

    Still intrigued about the NZ project….

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