Christmas SongI popped along to the joint meeting of ACET and ETJ in Fukuoka today. There was a big bunch of teachers who had some great ideas. Two of the teachers had planned to do the “What would you like for Christmas?” theme. It was great to see it work so well, and go so smoothly. For the game, the teacher had prepared a sheet that said “I’d like…” for the kids to draw their own present. I’ll get a worksheet version up on the site this week!

I also presented a few Christmas variations of some games so I’ll try and get them up on the Christmas Ideas page as soon as I can. ( “Poison Presents” anyone?).

They liked the picture books last month, so I took along the new “Where are the Christmas presents?” picture book. I was thinking that it needed a bit jazzing up and “Christmassyfying”, but they loved it. So it’s now up on the site for everyone to enjoy!

Richard Graham

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