Level 4: Danger

Sharks & Monsters!

# Title Target English
Β Β 22 Β Under the sea Β Under the sea

“What can you see?”, “I can see a …”
whale, squid, seahorse, jellyfish, crab, dolphin, shark, starfish

Β 23 Β  Β Β Head & Shoulders

head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth nose

Β 24 Β Make a Face Β Make a Face

Parts of the face: “Put on the …” ; “Draw a ….”
nose, ears, mouth, eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, hair, tongue.

Β 25 Β  Β Β Let’s make a monster

Next set of body parts e.g. neck, toes, fingers, etc.

Β 26 Β Doctor Doctor! Body Parts Β  Doctor, Doctor! Body Parts
Doctor, doctor, my …. head, arm, leg,
stomach, hand, foot, back, tooth …. hurts
Β 27 Winter Clothes Baby Monkey’s Winter Clothes

Put on, take off your hat, scarf, coat, boots

Β 28 Β 
Β  Baby Monkey’s Summer Clothes

Don’t forget your … plus hat, t-shirt, shoes, shorts, bucket, spade, fishing rod, shades, sunscreen