Gamified Checklists to Get Kids Wanting More Homework!


Lots of teachers have been writing in about the Flipped ClassroomΒ  and whilst most teachers love the idea, quite a few have the following challenge!

Parents want fluent kids, but don’t want to help at home!

If that’s you, we had some fantastic advice over on Facebook about dealing with parents and hopefully we can share lots of their amazing ideas and tips soon!

For today, Β here is quick tool that can help so much with the students – and is easy for the parents to see what is happening & hence get on board!

We first developed it during Covid and it has been so powerful in getting the kids to do more homework!

  1. Tell the students which lesson to learn for next week.
  2. They get to colour in the star when they have done the words, game & song!

Or, if you want the crazy “get speaking as quickly as possible” way of doing it,

  1. Let the students learn any lesson they want.
  2. They get to colour in the star when they have done the words, game & song!
  3. Double check they learnt everything in the lesson.
  4. How many points can you get each week?

That’s it! Β  And keep an eye out for the tips to get parents on board!

Be genki


P.S. Β If you’re starting your new school year next week, Β be sure to give us a few days notice to get all your students’ accounts set up and checked for the Genki English OnlineΒ – especially if you have lots and lots of students! πŸ™‚




Richard Graham

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