Just in time for Easter, here’s Mido Farid’s very cute game of the week!

Half board game, half action game – Happy Bunnies is a lot of fun for little ones.
Players move back and forth across the classroom (to leave their team and join the other) depending on the emotions of the Bunny in the squares they choose.

1. Draw the empty left grid on your whiteboard.

2. Draw the (full) right grid in your teacher’s notebook. This is your game KEY so make sure the kids can’t see it!3. Divide the class into two teams and send each team to sit against opposite walls in the classroom.


1. Choose a player to go first.

2. Ask this player a question (or to name a flashcard, make a sentence etc.) and then ask them to choose a square.

3. If the square in your notebook has a happy bunny in it, that student can ask a student from theopposing team to come over and sit with his team.

4. If the square has a sad bunny however, then the student has to go and sit with the other team.

5. The team that has the most players on its side when all the squares have been filled in is the winner.

Have fun


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Richard Graham

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6 Responses to “Happy Bunnies Game”

  1. Margit


    I mentioned it before, but this game makes it even more clear:
    Illustrations are so important!

    I read this game on the e-book and it soudned kind of interesting, still to really grasp it would have taken too much time for me at that point of time so I skipped it and went on with games that had illustrations and were much easier to understand.

    Now I see what a fabulous game this one is ,too.
    So, please if you can add as many illustrations as possible in you second one, they don’t need to be in color. This black and white one is great.

  2. Nena

    I totally agree! Illustration really makes a difference! Great game!

  3. Miah

    What I like about this game it gives a wide range of diversity, I mean you can use it with any topic, any question and any vocabulary (even very boring one) you are currently teaching. Moreover, the happy bunny can be replaced with anything (like my kids love using the one-piece character…). Thanks for the idea, Mido.

  4. Julie

    I played this game a few times with my class. The first time round one group was so lucky all the particatants,apart from one child was on the winning team. This kid was not a happy bunny 🙁 I found it more exciting when I randomly drew happy/sad bunnies in the grid depending on the dynamic of the groups. I also changed the rule of finding a happy bunny. The kid stayed in his group but could not choose a child from the opposing team. If he/she found a sad one he/she joined the opposing team like you said. I found this method worked well for me,the kids wanted to play again and again! Happy Easter! Be Genki 🙂

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