Video: I’m really excited about this!


I hope you’re having a * GREAT * time with all the new materials!

Today I’ve got a very different, but very special treat for you.

And I’m very excited about it.

Check out the video below. ย It’s 20 minutes so grab a coffee and have a sit down!

Current prices areย ย $270 / 29,000 yen / 190 Euros

Pretty cool eh!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring all this together for years. ย It has been a long journey but it looks like this might be it!

If you think you’ve got what it takes & are seriously interested in trying it out, get in touch. ย As I said in the video I let too many people into the online version to manage last year so I’m going to keep this one a * ย lot * smaller.

UPDATE: ย The Homework Program applications are now CLOSED. ย Thank you to everyone who joined us!

P.S. ย We’ve also increased the prices since we shot the video! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sure you’ve got questions, so pleaseย write them up in the comments.

There are a million and one things we haven’t figured out yet, but as you can see I’m veryย excitedย that we might have finally figured out how to do this!

Be genki,


P.S. I just drew the winner of last month’s comment competition. ย It was … Amanda! ย This month’s competition is now on so get commenting and you might win this month!

Richard Graham

I'm on a mission to make education Genkiโ€”fun, exciting, and full of life! Genki English has now been researched by Harvard University and licensed by the British Council around the world. The results have been magical! Now I'm here to help you teach amazing lessons, with all the materials prepared for you, and to double your teaching income so you can sustainably help many more students in the future!

35 Responses to “Video: I’m really excited about this!”

  1. richard

    Hi Nena,

    I’m going to start up a thread on the forum with all the detailed info and things that Margit has sent. Yes, the idea was to get it up now so hopefully everything will be all ready to go for September!

  2. Yolanda

    i just started using Genkienglish this year in my home with my students and it has been so useful. One of my students wanted to have access to all the material, but I told her that it was not possible, so this could be something good for them.

  3. richard

    Hi Yolanda,

    Great to hear about the success! Yes I’m sure this will help!

  4. Julia

    Hi Richard!

    What fantastic news!!!

    I was often asked by my kids and colleagues whether I could copy the software for them. But I had to answer it wasn’t allowed. And they (I mean kids first of all) seemed to be very upset.

    Now I work in our school summer camp. The kids I taught with the help of GenkiEnglish just few lessos last summer here remember the songs and games till now and beg me to repeat them this time. I think it’s great!

    And it’s an extraordinary breakthrough for all of us who likes you mehtod to get an opportunity to make many people happy and earn some money.

    How exactly can I do it now? Where can I get the lycence for copying? The school where I teach is not a private one. Will it go there then? How can I send the 50 % of profit to you (if I could hear right)?

    With best regards,


  5. richard

    Hi Julia!

    Nice to see the excitement! We haven’t actually tried this in a non-private school, but let’s see what happens! Check out the forum link and I’ll get you started!

  6. Julia

    Hi Margit!

    Nice to meet you! And to know you’re from Germany. I’m a teacher of German and English.

    I admire your work with kids who speak English without fear. Thank you for the inspiring video with Richard!

    Am I right: you tried to make your students to play GenkiEnglish with CDs but it didn’t work? And now you are going to do it on memory stick and beliave it will go? Why?

    Good luck and be ever so genki!

  7. Margit

    Hi Julia,

    thanks for your feed back.

    Great to hear you’re teaching German, too.
    (Whisper this to Richard as well~~~~!)

    Can you join the discussion on the Forum?
    I’ll answer to your question on the thread. OK?!

    Thanks, Margit

  8. Heidi N

    Hi Richard and Margit

    I think the idea is excellent. I would love to be able to implement it here with private classes, however I do not think that the parents who are already paying for the classes will wish to invest in materials when previously all class materials have been provided for free (prepared by me).

    Do you have any suggestions as Iยดm sure that there are thousands of ESL teachers in the same position as me?



  9. richard

    Hi Heidi

    Why not give it a try?

    As Margit says in the video she thought her parents wouldn’t pay but they all did!

  10. Margit

    Hi Heidi,

    the result will cover such a huge amount of lessons (and lesson fees) that parents will be more than happy and see that there is nothing to regret just after a few weeks.

    Of course you have to talk to the kids, too. Ask them wether they want to do this at home, on their computer. Show them and the parents the curriculum sheet and tell them that they will sign this each week at the topic you chose.

    There are things you can hand out for free, and there are those you can’t. Parents understand this.

  11. Carla Chazottes

    Just great, have you got any idea for the rates in France?
    I’m working with Genki English for more than one year and I’m really satisfied. Pupils are really motivated to learn more and they retain the vocabulary and the structures so easily…
    Thanks a lot,
    Carla Chazottes

  12. Katya

    Hi, great news!
    I am using GE with all my students in both private and government schools. After the GE lesson with games and songs one kid said ” I was talking so much, my mouth is sore!”
    As I am planning my next school year, I would like to build this new way of charging parents and planning the lessons into my private school activities.
    Please, let me know the details.

  13. Bob

    This is truly great news!

    I’m going to be in your ninja workshop next month and I’ve been working on a cool flash website where I was planning to buy the server rights from you so the kids could do homework…this changes everything! It will save me time (and headaches) on website development.

    I’m opening a small (part-time) school in September so the timing is awesome.

    How do I get you to put my schools’ name on your great product?

  14. Jennifer

    Hi Richard – I think it is an amazing idea… I have had parents asking about the CD but this is even better… would love to give it a try… start the summer school in July and we will be using GENKI a lot… let me know how to proceed.
    Thanks Jennifer

  15. richard

    Great to hear all the Genki English success stories!

    @Deena (& Carla): a) Yes, compared with most English courses that (lots of !) parents buy it works out very cheap. We’re discussing prices for different countries on the forum, so it looks like developed countries such as Israel, Western Europe etc. will have these prices and of course I’ll have different prices for different developing countries.
    b) I’ll definitely be putting school names onto the software menu. And I’m looking at having school names engraved on the USBs themselves, but at the moment it looks like several hundred units are needed for engraving which is probably too much for most schools!

  16. richard

    Hi Stephen,

    However, Iโ€™m totally open to trying it out when I get my new premises off the ground.

    Excellent! This is the best way to do it. We had loads of fears and lots of anticipation before doing this “Would parents think this? Or be OK with this part? etc.” and in the end when we actually launched and tested it, it all worked out.

    I’ll be in touch via email, let’s pick which of the two you’d like to do and let’s get started for September!

    Be genki,


  17. richard

    Great to hear everyone’s amazing stories!

  18. Gordon

    Hello this is my first time ever blogging. Over two years ago I started Gordon’s English School here in Sasebo Japan, from Richards advice. Before starting it I was Teaching in Elementary Schools. I’m proud to say because of Genki English my school has grown to over 220 students and twelve locations. I employ eight teachers. I really think this is an awesome idea and want to get started now!! My parents have expressed interest in the cd’s but it was difficult to match the cd’s with my annual training plans.


  19. Catherine Butler

    Dear Richard,

    I am an English teacher based in Strasbourg France. I work part-time in an elementary school and the rest of the time I run my own private English workshop.

    My intention is to stop working for the school and create my own English workshop. I love Genki English and find that it works wonders with the kids as it is not like English lessons at school.

    I would love to be part of your programme and make my English workshop really Genki! I would love to hear back from you with any advice.


  20. Diana Blandon

    Dear Richard
    I am Diana from Nicaragua, this is my third message for you, and in this time I like to congratulations you, for your whole work and energy you transfer when you teach English. My classes are changing a lot, since I am using Genki English. The children like my classes; they love the song and the movement or TPR things that I am using. I teach English in the university and I am behalf of project Read me a Book, that consist in teach English in elementary public school, English in elementary school is not a request, but I believe, English in this level is so important and necessary for the culture of society. I am training volunteerโ€™s students from the university to teach English in elementary school, I am using your free videos and songs and everybody love your method and they say the songs are sticking on the mind all the time. I love it. I watched the Megan video with you about the USB with the software and it is fantasticโ€ฆ. How can I get??/ I can see you travel a lot, I believe school call you and you go to training teachers and demonstrate to students your method, is that right? I wish one day you can come to Nicaragua, too. What the process to do it?

    Diana, Nicaragua

  21. richard

    Hi Diana,

    Thank you very much for the kind words!

    I’ll just send an email now with details of the USBs.

    And for the workshops, yes I spend around half the year on the road! All you have to do is to get the teacher’s together and then organise the funding. This can be done through the school or through charging the teachers individually. I haven’t yet been to Nicaragua so it would be fantastic to visit!

  22. cindy Howard

    I love the idea of USB + software to sell to the students. The Czech cost of living (and income) is way less than Japan however. I have no need to make money from this, but would like to offer it at cost to my students. I currently have 35 students. How much is the cost of just giving them the games and songs (the GE software). The parents are absolutely loving to hear the kids break into the songs around the house.

  23. richard

    Hi Cindy,

    No worries, we now have it pretty much sorted out in that we offer the package at 4 months the average monthly lesson fee for whichever country you are in. This works out the fairest for everyone, by far cheaper than other systems, and so far all the parents have been over the moon with it!

    Just send me an email and we can get you started!

  24. Bernie

    Hi Richard,
    this is a great new development. I am really interested . I am wondering if you have figured out a way to make the USB available to schools such as those you are working with in India and in my situation in a school up in the mountains where the average income for the parents is $8.75 US per day for a family of about six. How can the USB materials be made available to this population, who are just as gifted for language learning but lack resources and opportunities. We have some computers availale for after school use but the parents would not be able to afford the going price for the USB.
    What are your plans for Africa, or are you working with the affluent population there?

  25. richard

    Hi Bernie,

    The prices we are scaling according to location – usually around 4 months English tuition – which works quite well. However of course for the poorest areas, the provision of computers (or even electricity! ) in the homes means the USBs don’t really work with either our slum schools in India or the poor schools we work with in Africa. In those cases I’m keeping an eye on how the tablet computer project is going in Thailand – I think that is probably the future.

    For the rest of you in developed/developing countries (i.e. if you are lucky enough to shower in clean water each day!) then the USBs are the way to go!

  26. Luciana

    Hi Richard!
    How are you?
    This is my first post, lets see if go to right!

  27. Foster

    What a creative idea! it will definitely benefit more people.

  28. Aviva

    I am retraining to becoming an English teacher in Israel. I speak both German and English, next to Hebrew.

    I tried the trial song out on my two little kids who generally don’t like to produce English without me prompting them (I speak with them in English). They have not stoped singing it!!! Two weeks later and they still love it (I did it acapella while driving in the car).

    I am now setting up a small English class for 4 to 6 year olds and will be using your program once I get enough students together.

  29. Patricia

    Richard, I forgot to say say good bye, and also forgot to say that I am Patricia from Mexico City.
    Will you let me know how many gigabytes does a memory stick should have to back up all the software, please?

  30. Haydee

    I want this for Mexico, please send me more information.

  31. Pascale

    It’s so nice to share your videos, so energetic!
    I am teaching 5 to 11 years children in France.
    I have little time with the children every week and I was wondering how to have them practice the words and expression to ensure we can do more! I was thinking about challenging the kids, asking them as homework to call one class mate and ask the lessons question, just to play “pretending”. We’ll see whether the parents agree on that… So I’ll be glad to test your “new project” and see if they are ready to practice!

    If I can be part of it I’ll be glad. Please keep me posted!

  32. Laura

    Hi Richard
    Please could you just clarify for me that the software being dowloaded for the homework is the same content as the downloadable pack that teachers buy?
    Sorry for being a bit confused ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Aaron Jones

    Dear Richard!

    I’m located in Kitsuki City, a small castle town in Oita, Japan. I have just barely purchased the teachers’ set, (kindness of your installment plan system-thank you so much) and besides watching tons of your training videos have been printing tons of materials from your VIP website (such a treasure-chest), all to get ready for this next new school year a local public schools. This is going to be a very BIG year!

    I absolutely love everything you’ve done and are doing and oh my gosh, while I feel like I push myself hard to have new material and whatnot, I’m conking my head against the wall wondering why I didn’t encounter your website earlier! I feel like I’ve literally been trying to ‘reinvent the wheel’ with so much that I’ve been doing, to keep the GENKI alive in classes here, and yet you have a system and program fully developed and so incredibly functional! How thankful I am to have found your website, FINALLY!

    I love your program, and I will recommend it to EVERYONE!! What you have done and are doing is truly EXTRAORDINARY!! Thank you!!

  34. Richard Graham

    Hi Laura, yes it’s just the same software with all the lessons, games and songs. And … it’s branded with your school’s very own logo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Richard Graham

    Hi Patricia, the software is just over 1GB, so usually 4GB sticks are cool. Although these days sometimes 8 or 16GB ones are even cheaper!

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