Junior High Game: Make your own Wordsearch

Jamie has sent in this great idea for Junior High or older students:


If you have students that are acting out or bored because they are just too fast, or you just want a fun activity. Try this.

1) Put the students in pairs and give them a blank gridded worksheet.
2) Get them to think of a title (preferably something they have been doing in class). e.g. sports
3) Ask them to think of up to or more tham 20 words to do with that subject. e.g. football, rugby, Β curling…..
4) Ask the students to write the words in the grid, going up, down, diagonal and even backwards.
5) Fill in the grid with random letters to hide the words.
6) Swap worksheets with another pair and try to find their words.

Believe me I have rarely seen my class so focused and competetive .


Thanks Jamie, Β what do you think?

If you have any great ideas you’d love to share, please send them in!

Richard Graham

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2 Responses to “Junior High Game: Make your own Wordsearch”

  1. Giovanni

    Hi all, this 1 of many fun games I use in class!
    With little ones that is! If the subject is about fruit and vege’s I put all these things in a bag, and then I get the child blind folded to place his or her hand in the bag get 1 item, they must feel the item and try and reveal the right answer!
    Anyhow it works with my kids,
    Another just quickly is the game called, I’l use your name as an example here Richard.
    Pocket pocket pocket whats in the pocket Richard?
    so you have all these items in your pocket a big pocket that is hanging around your neck, anyhow you show just a little of the time until they get the item right! The kids really love this one too!
    Be genki

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