Just in case you’re inside all weekend, here’s a great review board game!

If you’re looking for a big review game and don’t have much space to move around, we’ve got a great game from Gaz:

1. Put piles of any mini cards you want to review on the red, blue, green and yellow squares of the “card sheet.”

2. Then when you land on one of the coloured squares on the game board you have to pick a card from the card sheet and say what’s on the card or make a sentence from it.

This way you can mix themes and you only need one game sheet.

Here’s the card sheet:

And the board sheet (just play this like snakes and ladders)


And yes, there is also a Halloween version too! 🙂


This way you can mix any Halloween themes and you only need one game sheet.

Plus Gaz has also made up some counters (included above) and also a huge version that you can make by printing out the board in 4 A4 parts!

Cool eh! What do you think?


Richard Graham

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