Mia’s Magical March 8th: A Genki A.I. Story

UPDATE: Β OK, the general consensus on Mia’s Magical March 8th story was that yes, it is far too sexist. Β  Β So I was about to give up on the A.I. (Artificial Intellgence machines)’s ability to come up with something suitable. Β  And then ….. it came up with this! Β  The language level is too high, but what do you think of this??

“Stride with Pride: March for What’s Right”

Once upon a time, in a world far and wide,
Lived a group of women, who never could hide
Their dreams and their hopes, for a world that was fair,
Where everyone’s voice, was heard everywhere.

These women were strong, and they stood up for what’s right,
They fought for their freedom, with all of their might.
They marched in the streets, and they sang loud and clear,
“We are women, hear us roar, we will not disappear!”

But even with all of their hard work and strife,
They knew that there was still much more to life.
They dreamed of a world, where every girl and boy,
Had equal opportunities, to learn and to enjoy.

So on this special day, the women did gather,
To celebrate their progress, and to make their dreams matter.
They danced and they sang, and they shared their stories,
Of courage and strength, and of their future glories.

As they looked to the future, they knew what to do,
To keep fighting for justice, and equality too.
They promised to stand up, for what they believed,
To never give up, and to never be deceived.

And so the women marched on, with pride in their stride,
For a world that was fair, and where all could abide.
They knew that their dreams, were worth fighting for,
And they vowed to keep fighting, today and forevermore.

Written by A.I. Β  Β  Β  Edited by R Graham GenkiEnglish.com

I am quite amazed by this one, Β did the A.I. Β get the tone right this time?

Be genki,




P.S. Β  And, for reference is the original Mia’s story that most teachers thought was far too sexist Β ….

Here is another A.I. (i.e. written by Artificial Intelligence, not a human) story that I’d love to get your feedback on. Β  Β This time the question is, Β is this a good story or is it incredibly sexist?

P.S. Β One thing I definitely edited out was making Mia’s superpower to be invisible – I figured that wouldn’t do at all! Β But I’m still not sure about the rest of the story so would love your thoughts!


“The Superpower Smile: Mia’s Magical March 8th”

Once upon a time, there was a magical holiday called March 8th.Β 

On this day, all the women in the world got superpowers!Β 

Some could fly, some could breathe underwater, and some could even read minds.

One girl named Mia was so excited to see what power she would get.Β 

But when March 8th came, she woke up feeling disappointed. She didn’t feel any different than the day before.

She went to school feeling sad. Β 

But then something amazing happened.Β 

She realized that her superpower was her smile. Whenever she smiled, people around her felt happy and uplifted.

Mia spent the day spreading joy and laughter wherever she went!Β 

As the day came to an end, Mia realized that her superpower was the best one of all. She didn’t need to fly or turn invisible, because her smile had the power to make the world a happier place.

And so, every year on March 8th, Mia celebrates her superpower by smiling as much as she can. And who knows, maybe one day her smile will inspire others to find their own superpowers too!

The end.

Written by A.I. Β  Β Edited by R Graham GenkiEnglish.com


P.P.S. Β Or if you are wanting human written stories for other topics, Β you can find mine here πŸ™‚Β 


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2 Responses to “Mia’s Magical March 8th: A Genki A.I. Story”

  1. Richard Graham

    P.S. I asked the A.I. to write a worksheet for the second story, this is what it came up with

    Title: “Stride with Pride: March for What’s Right”


    Comprehension Questions:

    What did the women in the story want?
    How did the women show their strength?
    What did the women dream of for every girl and boy?
    What did the women do on a special day?
    What did the women promise to do?
    Why did the women keep fighting?
    Discussion Questions:

    What do you think about the women’s dreams for a fair world?
    Have you ever felt like you needed to fight for something you believe in? What was it?
    Why is it important for everyone to have equal opportunities?
    Do you think the women’s fight for justice and equality will ever end? Why or why not?
    How can we support women’s rights in our everyday lives?
    Writing Prompt: Imagine you are one of the women in the story. Write a speech that you would give to inspire others to fight for justice and equality.

  2. Yahaira C.

    I like the idea of a smile being a superpower, though not specifically a superpower for women’s day. Maybe a voice would be better and being heard.
    The one at the top, the edited one, doesn’t make so much sense as it doesn’t say anything but freedom. yet freedom from what isn’t very clear.
    Those are just my two cents, btw I love the material you offer and the work you do.

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