🍁 Bonus Thanksgiving Game!

Although I love the original Thanksgiving game and I don’t usually like worksheets, Β  this one needs a bit of brain power & gives birth to lots of speaking practice!

So put the kids in groups, make sure the game rule of “Only English in the Games” is in place (you can of course use the kids’ own language outside the games!) & let them race to figure out the sequence and shout out the right answer! Β Cue lots of using the vocab especially if they can’t figure out the sequence straight away!

Same Genki English 1 2 3 Step Lesson Plan as usual:

  1. Warm Up / Review
  2. Input with the songΒ 
  3. Output with the game

So use the new worksheet below or try out the other games on the Thanksgiving lesson plan page!


VIP Members also get the high resolution pdf version here!

Let me know if you’d like more!



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