Quick Draw!: Update with Video

Here’s yet another really cool game from Mido Farid! Β This time it’s a really simple vocab review game.

  1. Divide the class into two groups.
  2. Ask the first student from each group to come to the middle of the class
  3. Ask them to stand back to back
  4. Then ask the two student to close their eyes.
  5. Give each student a flash card
  6. When the teachers says “go” the two students have to turn and face each other.
  7. The first student to name the other persons’ flash card gets a point for his team
  8. Keep playing
  9. The team with more points wins

For more practice you can get the kids to shout out a question that corresponds to the card e.g. What’s the weather like? / How’s the weather?,Β Β Where are you going?, Where do you live? etc.!

Update: Here’s a video from Margit with the Creepy Crawlies theme.

Richard Graham

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7 Responses to “Quick Draw!: Update with Video”

  1. William

    Great game Richard

    By the way.

    Can you post me a link to ‘Medo’???

  2. Margit

    Yeah! I was also going to ask you “Who is MEDO”?

    These games are fantastic. Where are you, Medo? Would love to say Thank you !

    The kids just love the hair game, and want to play it every week, no matter what age, and thanks to this game I finally figured out how to run through the entire GE curriculum for review within 5-10 minutes.
    Today I tried this game, and it was so thrilling again.
    I added only two kids pair up, the others ask the target question:
    What can you see under the sea?
    And 1,2,3 >>I can see a…
    They loved it again, and it is so easy for the teacher, as well. No preparation, etc.

  3. Jesse Hall

    Good game! But of course for big classes of 30 kids it could be challenging since the game only engages a couple of kids at a time, leaving others to get distracted. A potential solution to involve more students at once is to have other students hold up the cards. The 2 students at the front of the class still turn and name the card as fast as they can, but instead of facing each other, they face the class. The students who get to choose and hold up the cards will be engaged in the game while they wait for their turn to come up to the front.

  4. mido

    im Mido
    i still have lots of game
    hope all of u and ur students enjoy my games
    good luck

  5. mido

    hi margit
    im happy that u like my ideas
    hope u and ur kids enjoy the class

  6. mido

    hi teachers
    i hope any one read my games leave a comment
    coz i still have lots of ideas im going to send them to genkienglish
    hope to hear from u soon

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