Here’s a great game idea by Daniel for making attendence taking a bit more fun!

An idea I had for making the learning of my kindergarten student’s names more fun, especially for the kids that have trouble sitting still through 20+ names.

1. Have the kids sitting in a circle tell them to listen carefully, take the register.

2. “Forget” to call out a child’s name (making sure that child is actually present!)

3. After calling out the last name, shout 3,2,1 go! and chase the child whose name was not called around the outside of the circle.

4. If they were listening, they will know straight away and leg it!

5. If he/she is too slow to react and is caught, the rest of the group can decide on a dare for them (although I rarely manage to catch them!)

6. It works really well with 4-7 year olds, but I reckon you could play it with teenagers, adults πŸ˜›

(another note) You’ll know how common the “he/she” pronoun confusion can be with English learners if there is only one word for both in their native language. Emphasising the appropriate use of “he/she is not here” during the register is a great way of getting the kids used to it frequently from an early age.

Thanks Daniel, what do you guys think?

Richard Graham

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6 Responses to “Risky Register”

  1. Carol

    This is such a neat idea for the little ones!! And the He/she is perfect for any age. Have you given them English names Daniel?

  2. Sara Sakamoto

    It’s a good idea. Sounds fun. And Daniel is right. Those little ones are hard to catch….unless they are “asleep” and don’t run.

  3. Tere DomΓ­nguez

    I love it! and he and she practice sounds great, too! πŸ™‚

  4. Sophie Laporte

    Hey, good fun with the small ones but I wouldn’t imagine it with my grumpy-in-the morning teenagers… and the school headmistress would go mad if I did it !!!lol

  5. Nena

    FUN!!!!! I start lessons with my 3rd grade group next week…hmm it could get rowdy! will let you know how it goes!

  6. Sr. M. Josefa, FSGM

    Great! Except that it won’t be possible for me to make a circle with the number of kids we have in each class. I suppose we could devise another type of “risk”. Any ideas?

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