What shall I do today? Game

Margit’s really trying hard to get more of you to use the Hip Hip stuff (so it will persuade me to make more of them!)

Today’s game is to go with the What shall I do today? lesson.

1. Β Put the cards from the Hip Hop Worksheet into a clock formation (like in the video)

2. The kids all shout out “What shall I do today?”

3. Β One kid answers “At …. o’clock”

4. Β The other kids have to slap the card that is in that position.

5. Β Plus of course they have to say the English!

Again it’s very impressive! Β What do you think?

P.S. Β I also got an email from David Chan of the HopeLetters project. Β They have now collected over 3,000 letters of support Β to Japan and many of them are now translated into Japanese. Β You can find out more at http://www.hopeletters.org/

And all your messages are linked up on the main Japanese Genki English site at https://genkienglish.net/gamemenuj.htm Be sure to check them out.

Richard Graham

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8 Responses to “What shall I do today? Game”

  1. Gumby

    How about a little pressure from me, too! πŸ™‚
    JHS can be tricky to teach because they are so overloaded with rote memorization, learning English ceases to be fun. However it is really fun to watch them really get into the games. You have the fun yet help student remember the phrases they will need on the tests. Can’t beat that combination!

  2. Liza

    I taught superlatives to two 4th year elementary classes (9-10 yrs). The topic was trees and I taught the tallest, smallest, widest, oldest etc. After a brief intro from me, as a lead-in schemata to the topic I played the GE You’re the best song. Although they couldn’t understand all the vocab, they got the drift and they certainly got the beat! They completed their worksheets singing loudly to the accompaniment of “You’re the best of the best”!

  3. Liza

    PS Nice game. Will try it out after the Easter hols.

  4. Nena

    Nice! Thanks for sharing!

  5. sussie

    I can’t wait to try this next year (I’ve almost finished courses for this term).
    I’ve already tried hip-hop comparatives with some 4th graders (9 yrs) and they really loved it!
    It’s also great in individual lessons with middle school kids (12-14 yrs), since when they’re alone they don’t need to pretend they’re too cool for this and can freely enjoy the song/game!
    So I’d love some more themes too!

  6. Jayne

    Do you have the hip hop songs on a CD format like the other Genki CDs?
    Just checked them out and they seem great!
    PS:When is Vol 11 coming out? Cant wait…

  7. richard

    Hi Jayne,

    I didn’t make a CD of the Hip Hop songs as they were an experiment to see if it’s better to give the online versions for free! I’m not sure of the result of that yet though!

    Vol. 11 is coming along. It was a little delayed because of the Earthquake (my mastering engineer was in Saitama!) But I’ve got all the music tracks finished and it’s just a case of some of the graphics and software coding. Hopefully I’ll have the download version ready in May! Whether it comes out on CD or not depends on if we get a lot of Student Pack orders for it. Otherwise it will just be a download exclusive!

  8. Sonja

    This is a marvellous super-trouper idea. I’ll try it after the Easter holidays and after we overcame the “wedding-fever” (this year there are a lot of girls in my classes and they really love “the prince & princess -wedding thing”

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