Lesson 11: Greetings

Lesson Plan

Run through all the questions from the previous lessons – remember to keep it fun by varying how you elicit the answers.

Play 2. Β Rock, Paper, ScissorsΒ ask 3.Β What’s your name?Β + My name is ….. & Nice to meet you, 4.Β How are you?Β + several of the answers

6.Β Left, right, forward & back. Β Plus the Left & Right song.
7. I am, you are, he is, she is, they are, we are, everybody is …. gesture a person and a “How are you?” emotion and the kids make the appropriate sentence.
8. Jump whilst singing the numbers 1 to 12.Β  (This time without the music)
9. Ask “How old are you?” Β and the students ask each.
10. Β What’s the weather like?Β + a selection of answers and sing theΒ What’s the weather like?Β song.

Quite easy English today, just teach the 4 greetings along with gestures then do the mini lesson and song from the Teacher’s Set.

Check it out in the video, first the teachers in Tanzania with the fun mix of the song:

In Chiang Mai Thailand for the guitar mix:

And with kids in China!


Cool game to go with Good Morning song from Cindy…

1. Have the students stand in a circle.
2. Then one child walks around the circle counter clockwise.
3. They select a child and face them.
4. They grab hands to shake.
5. Each time they shake they say

Good morning
Good Afternoon
Good Evening
(So they shake in rhythem 4 times.)

6. As soon as they say goodbye, the “it” student runs counter clockwise around the circle and the picked student runs clockwise around the circle.
7. Both run to the exact spot where the picked child originally was.
8. Whoever is first back is the winner.

The loser then is “it” and selects someone else.
Kids of all ages love this game. I learned it in Russia from the Russian kids.

Good Morning!

Good morning,
Good morning.
Good afternoon,
Good afternoon.
Good evening,
Good evening,
Good night!

Hello, hello, hello, hello.
Hello, hello, hello, hello!

Hello, hello, hello, hello.
Hello, hello, hello, hello!

( Repeat Chorus)

Hello, hello, hello, hello.
Hello, hello, hello, hello!

Hello, hello, hello, hello.
Hello, hello, hello, hello!


Start with everyone asleep.

“Good morning”

Stand up for “Good afternoon” jump “Good evening”

“Good night”, everyone falls back asleep!

For the “Hello, hello part” the kids all mingle together and sing each “hello” to a different person!

Then a big final “Hello!” It’s frantic but very fun!Β 

Bonus VIP Printables

If you have theΒ Teacher’s SetΒ you can also download these extra printables

A4 Flashcards
(What’s this?)
Mini Cards
(What’s this?)
Evaluation Workbook
(what’s this?)

SpaghettiΒ Worksheet
(What’s this?)


Mini Cards
(What’s this?)

Dice Worksheet

PrintableΒ Lesson Plan
(What’s this?)


(give to class teacher)

Islands Game
(What’s this?)

Snakes & Ladders
(What’s this?)


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  1. Diana Bisharat

    My students love love love this game. Thanks for all these great ideas to make my class so entertaining for kids to join.

  2. bjorn

    Sorry, can you ad a link to a video where it shows the game live? I tried to read your instructions to the game, but it seems very difficult for me to understand it. Further explanations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

  3. Lungiswa Sbotoboto

    ooh thank you soo much for this video. Last week i was teachin 2-3yrs old Chinese kids greetings, lesson did not go very well, but im positive this one will do the trick, it will keep them active.

  4. Valentina p

    The idea is fantastic, but could you please leave the link of the original song? I searched for it and I couldn’t find it…

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