Lesson 10: Weather

Lesson Plan

Run through all the questions from the previous lessons – remember to keep it fun by varying how you elicit the answers.


Play 2. ย Rock, Paper, Scissorsย ask 3.ย What’s your name?ย + My name is ….. & Nice to meet you, 4.ย How are you?ย + several of the answers

5.ย ย 

6.ย Left, right, forward & back. ย Plus the Left & Right song.

7. I am, you are, he is, she is, they are, we are, everybody is …. gesture a person and a “How are you?” emotion and the kids make the appropriate sentence.

8. Jump whilst singing the numbers 1 to 12.ย  (This time without the music)

9. Ask “How old are you?” ย and review the How old are you? song together.

We’re going for positive language in this song by finishing on the positive weather words.

First of all teach the question “What’s the weather like?” ย ( Or “How’s the weather?” if you prefer.)

Ninja Tip: ย Hit the letter “Q” on the computer keyboard to hear the question spoken in the software. ย Get the students to repeat every different accent, intonation and way of saying it. ย That’s how you get the amazing pronunciation.

Then start asking the students for their favorite weather types.

When they mention one that is in today’s lesson, teach them it in English by hitting the corresponding button.

When you’ve done all of them, and assigned gestures to them all, then do the mini lesson and get ready to do the song!


For a quick no-prepartion game, you can’t beat the Weather Clap Clap game.

First of all put the Words 2 page on the screen with all the flashcards. ย Then …

1. Everyone stands up.
2. Everyone says “What’s the weather like?” ( or “How’s the weather?” if you like)
3. Everyone claps two times.
4. Everyone chooses one type of weather from the top line of the screen and whilst singing the line ( e.g. “It’s rainy”) they do the gesture.
5. If any of the kids have chosen the same weather as the teacher, they are out and sit down.
6. Repeat from 2 until all the kids are sat down.

7. Now try it again with the positive words from the 2nd row. ย  And notice the difference!

Or if you have time for more preparation try theย What’s the weather like in…..?” game.

Or of course you could choose any of the vocab review games from the main games page, just be sure to get the question in there too.

“What’s the weather like?”
by Richard Graham

What’s the weather like?
What’s the weather like?
What’s the weather like today?
What’s the weather like?
What’s the weather like?
What’s the weather like today?

It’s rainy
It’s cloudy
It’s windy
And it’s snowy.

( Repeat Chorus)

It’s sunny
It’s fine
It’s hot
It’s a beautiful day!

( Repeat Chorus)


When singing “rainy”, put your hands in the air and make your fingers fall down like rain,

for “cloudy” your hands trace out a cloud shape in front of you,

for “windy” try swooshing your hands down from top right to bottom left,

for “snowy” you can pretend you are throwing a snow ball.

For “sunny” you trace out a circle in front of you,

for “fine” you hold your hand above your eyes like you can see a long way,

for “hot” you wipe your brow and

for “it’s a beautiful day” it’s good to lean back and outstretch your arms!ย 

Picture Book

The Teacher’s Set software of this lesson is one of the 19 lessons that also has a narrated picture book.

Which is your favourite page?

Bonus VIP Printables

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Listeningย Worksheet – The kids ask, you answer for each number and they draw that weather onย the character!

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