Lesson 8: Numbers

Lesson Plan

If you like you can spend a whole lesson on review before trying today’s theme.

Or just go straight ahead reviewing everything we’ve done in 5 minutes!


Play 2. ย Rock, Paper, Scissorsย ask 3.ย What’s your name?ย + My name is ….. & Nice to meet you, 4.ย How are you?ย + several of the answers

5.ย ย 

6.ย Left, right, forward & back. ย Plus the Left & Right song.

7. I am, you are, he is, she is, they are, we are, everybody is …. gesture a person and a “How are you?” emotion and the kids make the appropriate sentence.

As we’re using the song/animation from the Teacher’s Set then we can do the numbers 1 to 12 in one go.

Ninja Tip: ย But leave out the number 12. ย You’ll magically have all the students shouting it back to you!

Ninja Tip 2: ย You can also make steps as you count instead of jumping if you wish.

If you’re wanting a super quick numbers game check out “Rocket Launch” ย or the super cute “Egg Game.”


Or my number one recommended game for this language is unlucky 13:

Then put them in small groups to play …

  1. Put everyone in groups of between 2 and 10 students.
  2. The first person says either “1”, “2” or “3”
  3. The next person continues on and can say an additional one, two or three numbers.
    E.g. if the first person said “1, 2”, the second person can say either “3” or “3,4” or “3,4,5”
  4. Continue around the group until one person is forced to say “13”. They are now out.
  5. Start again from 2.

Or you could try some of the other games:

e.g.Thumb Sumo

or ย ….

Animals Card Game
Mingleย ( the kids ask a question that has a number for an answer, you shout out the answer and they get into groups of that number)
Bargaining Game


by Richard Graham




Bonus VIP Printables

If you have theย Teacher’s Setย you can also download these extra printables

A4 Flashcards
(What’s this?)

Mini Cards
(What’s this?)
Evaluation Workbook
(what’s this?)

(What’s this?)




A4 Flashcards
(What’s this?)

+ zero cards, to make 30, 40, 100, 300 etc.

Mini Cards
(What’s this?)

(What’s this?)

Dice Game
(What’s this?)


Spaghettiย Game
(What’s this?)

Islands Game
(What’s this?)

Snakes & Ladders
(What’s this?)

One Card Game
(What’s this?)


8 Responses to “Lesson 8: Numbers”

  1. ish

    Hi Richard,
    the games are awesome, interesting,amusing and of course very lively.Richard you have done a great job!!!

  2. Olga

    Such amazingly awesome games! Thank you a lot Richard for your talent and for sharing ideas! )))

  3. Joanna

    Thank you, Richard, your lessons are invaluable for kids and the teachers

  4. Chetta Rella

    Hi Richard I love your numbers games . I will use it in my class .
    I am sure my children , age 3-5, will love it and have lots of fun.
    Thank you and regards.

  5. James Dawson

    Hi guys, another simple but competitive game you can add to this lesson:

    Print off the mini cards 1-12 (or 13) and shuffle. Split the group into two teams. Hold the cards so nobody can see them and the kids have to guess what number the top card is. If they guess, they win the card which equals 1 point. The team with most cards at the end wins. Simple, but gets everyone speaking (in big voices) and great for any age.

  6. Lia Bongiovanni

    Hi form Argentina. Love the numbers song! Next week I`ll put it into practice.


  7. Alistair Morton

    Hello Richard,
    I was wondering if there are instructions for games using the number cards. I don’t see any lesson plans or game instructions for lesson 8. Thanks,

  8. Richard Graham

    Hi Alistair,

    If you click on the 1,2 or 3 above in the Lesson Plan it will expand out and show you all the activities ๐Ÿ™‚

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