Here’s Mido Farid’s game of the week, this time for any level, right up to high school!
Just like the real game except that you use markers instead of darts (andย you don’t throw the markers).
1. Draw a bulls-eye like the one above on the board.
2. Divide the class into twoย teams.
1. Choose a player to go first.
2. Ask this player a question (or to make a ย sentence, name a flashcard, etc.)
3. When they answer correctly give the student a marker andย blindfold his/her ย eyes.
4. Spin them around several times. (Ask the class to countย with you.)
6. Now, direct the student toward the bulls-eye. The student walks forward andย touches the board with the tip of the marker. Hopefully the student makes aย mark within the bulls-eye. (If not, get his team to shout, “Oh no!”)
7. Give theย studentโ€™s team the appropriate number of points. Play until everyone hasย had a turn and then add up the scores. The highest score wins.
1. To teach or review with any vocabulary or sentence patterns.
2. Good for reviewing numbers and addition.
What do you think?
P.S. ย You can find more of Mido’s games in theย VIP Members “Fun with Mido” ebook!

Richard Graham

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4 Responses to “Darts!”

  1. Suha

    Thanks a lot for sharing it with us:0)

  2. Amanda

    Looks fun! I’ll have to try this out!:)

  3. Charlotte

    I love this! A simple and fun way to review words! Thanks for posting! =D

  4. Kristin Nishimura

    I was looking for a fun way to end the class tonight, and I just found it! Thanks Mido for creating it and richard for sharing!

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