Double Play & Triple Play for when you just don’t have time

On last week’s New Board Game post Glenn asked to have snakes and ladders games that only go to 50, for lessons when the kids don’t have time.

A really cool way around this (as making lots of new sheets is a * lot * of work πŸ™‚ ) is to say “Today is double play day!” and every roll of the die is worth double the points.

Or for even more tension, near the end you can say “Triple Play!” where you triple the value of the die!

You can also try it on the normal Snakes & Ladders games too, have a try with this brand new one for “Treasure Adventure“:

Richard Graham

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3 Responses to “Double Play & Triple Play for when you just don’t have time”

  1. DeenaZ English

    Hi Richard

    I think it’s amazing how you (and so many of the other teachers on the GE forum)tirelessly come up with such creative solutions!

    More power to you (us)!

  2. Janet Gray

    This is a wonderful idea on the 100 boxes of snakes and ladders. I haven’t been using this game because it takes too long in class. With “double play” or “triple play” I’m excited to begin using this game–thanks!

  3. Janet Gray

    I saw the wintertime “Put on your… snakes and ladders”, but I don’t see the summer one. Is there one already made?

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