Last Minute Halloween Idea: Spider Webs!

If you’re looking for a last minute Halloween party idea, Miki showed me this really cool idea at the ACET meeting last week.

You need just one ball of black wool, and it’s great for a party!

1. Β Put everyone in a circle.

2. Β Wrap one end of the wool around your finger.

3. Throw the ball of wool to one other person on the other side of the circle. Β (Remember it’s still wrapped around your finger too!)

4. They catch the ball and tell everyone their name with “My name is …” or whatever self intro you want to use.

5. Β There is now a line of wool between you.

5. They wrap the wool around their finger too.

6. Β Then repeat from step 3.

7. Eventually you end up with a totally amazing cobweb in front of you!

(It looks so much better in real life – really, really impressive!)

Anyway, do give it a try if you have a party!

Be genki,


P.S. Β Acet have their next meeting Nov 18th, I think they’ll be doing Christmas ideas then, so if you’re in Kyushu do pop along as see what they are up to!

P.P.S. Β Just in case you’re in need of more, all my Halloween ideas are here!

Richard Graham

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7 Responses to “Last Minute Halloween Idea: Spider Webs!”

  1. Julia

    Hi Rihchard!

    This is my favourite “Get to know each other” activity.
    Kids like it very much, indeed. Doing the activity they learn how to collaborate with each other to get a better web. They feel and see: if only somebody loosens the thread, the web won’t look nice.

    And it may be continued with something like this:

    8. Wound up the wool ball recalling the information about the person the thread is leading to. Say (e.g.) ‘Her name is Martha.’/’His name is Mike.’ or what were you speaking about.

    Thank you Richard for all your Halloween tips. Tomorrow I’ll use them preparing a Halloween party for my Kids’ English Club.

    Best regards,

  2. Stephen

    Julia, that’s an awesome tweak and it even incorporates cleaning up the string in a way that uses English!!!

  3. Julia

    Yes Stephen!
    But sorry for the mistake. It should be ‘wind’, of course.
    Good luck!

  4. Cincyesl

    Thanks for sharing the idea with a Halloween twist. I’ve used this web idea when introducing exotic animals too. After we’ve made the web, I have a life-size cutout of the world’s largest spider (size of a dinner plate!). I throw it on the web and talk about spider facts. This activity captures the kids’ attention and gets them interested in finding amazing animal facts to share with the class.

  5. η™½ε…°

    How much thread do you need for this activity? Thank you – it sounds really cool!

  6. Richard

    Usually one big ball of wool is enough, but you might want to have one more in reserve just in case! πŸ™‚

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