For any of you who have been in my workshops you’re unlikely to forget “The Mingle Game.”

Ninja Tip: Β Choose a different verb instead of “mingle” every time you play it to keep it fresh!Β 

And Setareh has just sent in a really great bonus idea…

1. Β Do the mingle game as usual.

2. Β The kids ask you “What’s your favourite colour?

3. Β After doing a few “Sorry?”s Β to get them to say it louder, you say one, two or three colours e.g. “Red & Blue. Β  Pink & Green”

4. Β Kids who have one of these colours get into groups with other kids who have this colour e.g. all the people with red & blue things get together, Β all the pinks & greens get together etc. Β If you several colours both, you can choose which group.

5. Β Everyone else goes into one group.

6. Β Do this a few times until you roughly have the right number of students you want in each group!

Ninja Tip: Β If your school has a uniform (i.e. everyone wears the same colours!) then just pin a minicard to everyone’s top and they get in groups based on these colours.

Ninja Tip2: Β You can even take this one step further and use any theme’s minicards! πŸ™‚

What are your favourite group making games? Β Do let us know in the comments!

Be genki,


P.S. Β  This game also works great with the upcoming Summer Clothes song!



Richard Graham

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