New Game: Mission Impossible: Code Breaker

We seem to be on an alphabet abc kick at the moment, what with Friday’s “How to teach abcs” and today we have Mido’s game of the week!

1. Give each team a set of alphabet/phonics flashcards (e.g. the Phonics posters)

2. Tell the kids the evil Doctor has placed a deadly satellite in Earth orbit!

3. If we don’t enter the secret code before the timer gets to zero he will destroy the whole planet!

4. Quickly shout out the first Β “secret code word” (i.e. a word or phrase that the kids will know how to write with the phonics they’ve learnt already.)

5. The kids have to quickly assemble each word using the flashcards so that the satellite can see them and start the deactiviation process!

6. Β Once the fastest team has correctly assembled the word with the flashcards, pretend you have a top secret call from the satellite on your cell phone.

7. This team gets a point.

8. Keep going with as many code words/phrases as you like till the satellite has shut itself down and safely disintegrating into the atmosphere!

As usual with these games it’s all about the action and drama!

So let out your best Tom Cruise impersonation, let the little kids really believe it (without being too scared!) and get the older kids to play along!

Comments are always appreciated!

Richard Graham

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