Two “What’s your favourite …?” Games

Over on the VIP forum Gumby wrote in to ask for a few more games ideas for the “What’s your favourite…?” lesson.

Here you go!

Recommended Game9 in 10

1. Each group thinks of one original “What’s your favourite…?” question e.g. animal, fruit, food etc. let them come up with different stuff. (Also go round checking as they can often choose “who” words without knowing.)

2. They then nominate one group to play their game.

3. This groups stands.

4. The first group ask their question “What’s your favourite …..?”

5. The standing group has to answer 9 answers (in correct English!) in ten seconds!
If they do they get a point, if not the other team get a point!

6. Keep going till each group has asked their question.

7. Team with the most points is the winner.

You just make the groups smaller or larger depending on how many rounds you want to play (e.g. you could play 15 rounds with 30 kids in pairs!)

Recommend Game 2: Favourite Bombs

This one needs a bit of prep…..

1. Put up 16 “bomb” cards on the board.

2. Under each one, so the kids can’t see, put a flashcard of obvious possible answers to any of the “What’s your favourite …?” questions e.g. an apple, a dog, Star Wars, pokemon etc.

3. Two kids come to the front.

4. Start the stopwatch for 3 minutes.

5. In turns they have to ask and answer each other the questions from the song (any order is OK, duplicates are OK too.)

6. See how many they can ask/answer in the 3 minutes.

7. But ….. if any of them answer with any of the words under the bombs on the board, they blow up have to stop there!

8. See which team has the most questions/answers in the 3 minutes!

Plus don’t forget the picture books for this theme!


Richard Graham

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3 Responses to “Two “What’s your favourite …?” Games”

  1. Martin

    How do they know if they answered using a word under the bomb? Or does the teacher just know? Does each bomb have represent one of the questions?

    Or as they ask and answer questions, you pull the bombs off the board to see if their answer is behind that bomb…first question, first bomb, etc.? A little confusing.

  2. Julia

    Hi Richard!

    Thank you so much for the games! I really want to play them in my new schoolyear! And I’m sure, kids will love them, too!

    Best regards!

  3. Richard

    @Julia: Glad you like them!

    @Martin: Yeah, you (the teacher) make a special key that has the answers. (Just jot it down on the back of a piece of paper.) You check your key (or remember it) and take off the bomb if it appears. Remember the drama !!!!

    There should be a fair selection of questions represented by the bombs, but I usually lean towards the more common questions to get the kids asking the lesson common ones – tactics! 🙂

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