V. Quick Halloween Game: ABC Chase

I don’t usually like alphabet style games (it hinders the kids reading ability compared with phonics.)

But if you’re in high school, here’sΒ a very quick Halloween game, just do an alphabet chase. Β But with Halloween words!

  1. Kids write down the alphabet from a to z down one side of a sheet of paper, or the board.
  2. They write down one word starting with each letter.


You can also do it spoken, going round in a circle, one kid says the “a” word, the next one says the “b” word etc.

It’s also a great activity to keep kids occupied on long car journeys!

Go on then, feel free to show off in the comments – who can do all 26 with just halloween words?

P.S. There are many more Halloween games & activities on the main Halloween page.

Richard Graham

I'm on a mission to make education Genkiβ€”fun, exciting, and full of life! Genki English has now been researched by Harvard University and licensed by the British Council around the world. The results have been magical! Now I'm here to help you teach amazing lessons, with all the materials prepared for you, and to double your teaching income so you can sustainably help many more students in the future!

7 Responses to “V. Quick Halloween Game: ABC Chase”

  1. James

    Well, I gave myself about 5 minutes to see if I could do it. Here’s what I got without looking anything up.

    Trick or treat

  2. Gudrun

    Great game, thanks!

    I’ve been trying to find beards for my pirates with different colours, but no luck. Is there any chance for Genki pirate beards masks for Halloween?
    That would be amazing!!! πŸ™‚

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  3. richard

    Let’s see if we can ask Gaz nicely!

  4. Liza

    The bottom B & W one looks just like Bill Nighy’s Davy Jones character from POTC, with a bit of Jack Sparrow’s hat thrown in for good measure :-))

  5. Gudrun

    Richard, Gaz,
    thanks so much!!! They are really great!!! “My” kids are going to love them!

    One mother who saw them asked if we could only do the beards, in order for the kids’ faces to be recognized… I am planning to also use them at our Halloween Party – if that is OK with you – and I guess the parents would like to take pictures of kids.
    I think I could just cut out the lower beard part and see if I can use that.
    Thanks again for your fast response as usual. You guys rock!!!

  6. Jennifer

    A- Alien
    B – Bat
    C – Creepy
    D – Devil
    E – Eery
    F – Full Moon
    G – Ghost
    H – Haunted House
    I – Invisible
    J – Jack O Latern
    K – King (as in costume)
    L – Loot (as in Candy)
    M – Mummy
    N – Nightmare
    O – October
    P – Pumpkin
    Q – Quiver
    R – Reaper
    S – Skeleton
    T – Trick or Treat
    U – Undead
    V – Vampire
    W – Werewolf
    X – X Files (a stretch, I know)
    Y – Yeti (another tough one)
    Z- Zombie

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