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"What's your name?"

Target English: "What's your name?", "My name is..." etc.
Grade Level: Kindergarten to Junior High school 1

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Listening Quiz

What's your name?
by Richard Graham

What's your name?
What's your name?
What's your name?

(clap, clap)

What's your name?
What's your name?
What's your name?

(clap, clap)

My name is ....
My name is ....
My name is ...
My name is ...

Nice to meet you

(Repeat four times!)

This is one of the most popular Genki English songs, mainly because the kids practice with each other and it's a nice little break for the teacher.

VIP members can watch the explanation video below, or have a look further down the page for the text explanation of how to do the song.

1. First of all teach the kids the phrases "What's your name?" and the answer "My name is...."

2. Explain "Nice to meet you!" and tell them that usually we would do a handshake when saying it - and don't forget the eye contact!

3. Go through the song phrase by phrase using the Mini Lesson in the Download Pack.

4. Tell the kids to make groups of 2. Start the song.

5. They all sing the "What's your name?" part 3 times then clap twice.

6. One person in each pair says the "My name is ...+ their own name" two times.

7. The other person says it two times.

8. They both say "Nice to meet you!" whilst shaking hands and making eye contact.

9. They split up with their partner, find a new partner and repeat from 7.

You'll now have a class of very happy kids!

Also, make sure that the kids say their own names, not "My name is Richard" or "My name is Mr Monkey".

In future lessons you can play the song once and the kids should remember it! It's a really quick review!

Buying copies for all your students is a great idea as it lets them practice at home and in their free time.

Recommended Game

You can either do the song again, or try today's game, the Stopwatch Game.

1. Put the kids in circles.

2. The first child in each group asks the person next to them "What's your name?"

3. This person answers and asks the person next to them.

4. When it goes all around the circle they all shoot their hands in the air, stand up and say "Yeah!"

5. The fastest team is the winner!

And of course remember Genki English rule number 2: Losing just means "Try again!"

NEW: why not try to learn this song in German!

Song in Video

Here's the song and game from Val in Argentina:

The Song, Karaoke Version, Pronunciation Guide, Interactive Quiz and Workbook are in the Teacher's Set Download Pack.

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